Veeam Long-Term Archive

Enterprise level data protection

Veeam is a market leader in enterprise level data protection for Virtual, Physical and Cloud platforms. It ensures immediate, reliable and easy to manage recovery for virtual machines, individual files and applications to meet strict recovery time objectives for full operation.
QStar introduces two further levels of protection for Veeam: Long-Term Archive and 3-2-1 Best practice.
Both services are delivered via a secure high storage capacity active archive environment designed to integrate natively with Veeam.

  • Long-Term Archive for Veeam allows you to store unlimited quantities of data at a fraction of the cost of any other storage technology available on the market today; safeguard archived data for periods of up to decades.
  • 3-2-1 Best practice for protection against ransomware, viruses, sabotage and disaster

Despite the great attention IT organizations give to the security of their data centers, we know that a single backup copy, even if handled with scrupulous care is no longer sufficient today to ensure business continuity.

Our team knows Veeam archiving and storage optimization, and can work diligently with your enterprise to get these solutions implemented promptly and effectively.

Prevention remains the most effective weapon

The news is full of cases of companies brought to a standstill by the inattention of technical staff, users accidentally overwriting important information or, worse still deleting whole archives by mistake, through to deliberate sabotage by ill-intentioned employees or, more recently, by cyber-attacks designed to render company data inaccessible.

Attacks by the notorious ransomware cryptolocker is unfortunately an increasingly live concern and shows no sign of diminishing. Prevention remains the most effective weapon against these challenges, so it’s unsurprising that Veeam promotes 3-2-1 best practice to be reasonably certain that data protected by such consolidated procedures is secure.
The 3-2-1 rule requires three copies of the data, on two different storage platforms, if possible, using different technologies and with one copy off-site.

QStar further amplifies this best practice by adding a further level of security by making one or more copies of the data physically off-line and archived on secure LTO tapes.

VEEAM Long Term Archive