QStar data management and archiving software supports a very wide range of operating systems, making QStar easy to implement in any environment.

Archive Manager, Archive Replicator, Data Director

Microsoft Windows

QStar ASM 6.1

Server 2008

Server 2012

Server 2016

Limited Support For Windows 10 / 11*

QStar ASM 7.0

Server 2016

Server 2019

Server 2022

Limited Support For Windows 10 /11*


QStar ASM 6.1

Centos / RedHat 7.x

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

QStar ASM 7.0

Centos 7.x

Rocky Linux 8.x and 9.x

AlmaLinux 8.x and 9.x

RedHat 7.x, 8.x and 9.x

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and 22.04 LTS

QStar supports all versions of the above operating systems (where applicable) Archive Manager, Archive Replicator, Data Director.

*  Windows 10 / 11 are not server class OS products and can be used for testing and demo purposes.