All QStar software is protected from unauthorized use through a license key mechanism. License keys are tied directly and exclusively to the unique Host ID of the CPU where the software is installed, and provides access to applications or features within the QStar software platform.

Permanent license keys are provided to customers that have purchased the QStar software. Temporary license keys may be provided to a customer for a number of reasons, but the most common is for the evaluation and testing of QStar software. Evaluation license keys are limited to 30 days.

To request a permanent or temporary license key, complete the online License Key Request Form, providing the relevant contact and Host ID information. License key requests can be processed quickly during standard support hours and can normally be provided within 1 hour.

If the QStar software is transferred to a new system, the customer must complete and sign a License Transfer form before a new license will be provided. To request a License Transfer agreement, complete the online License Key Transfer Request Form.