The Archiving Experts at QStar are at Your Service

QStar provides a range of support services including pre-sales support, training, and multiple levels of technical support.  Our experienced technical support staff delivers a high level of quality care to all QStar customers to quickly resolve any issues and to assure they are utilizing their QStar software to the optimum level.

Customers with a Valid Support Contract

QStar customers with a valid technical support contract can register a call using the online Technical Support Request form. Completing this form in full will speed the reporting, analysis and resolution process.

Customers can also contact QStar’s Technical support team via email or phone.

In North America [email protected]    Tel: +1 850 243 0900

In Europe [email protected]    Tel: +39 02 45171 300


Customers without a Valid Support Contract

QStar software and hardware customers that do not have a valid support contract are not eligible for telephone technical support, upgrades or bug fixes. To enquire about purchasing a QStar maintenance contract, complete an online Information Request form, contact your local QStar sales representative, or speak with your local QStar channel partner.