You will find QStar data management and archiving software used in all industries around the world, providing cost effective, scalable solutions that keep our customer’s valuable digital assets actively accessible when needed and secure for the long-term.


Each organization’s archiving needs vary and no single technology can meet all demands.

That’s why QStar prides itself in offering supremely flexible data management and archiving software which makes it easy for our customers to utilize their preferred archive storage technology, to design exactly the right archiving solution to meet their individual operational or business requirements for their industry.





QStarが自らのソリューションに誇りを持つ理由は、顧客が個々の運用やその業界のビジネス要件にを満たすために、好ましいアーカイブストレージ技術を容易に利用し、正しいアーカイブソリューションを正確に設計することを可能とする、最も柔軟なデータ管理およびアーカイブソフ ​​トウェアを提供できることにあります。