Mary Esther, FL. – October 29, 2007

QStar Technologies, Inc, a 20-year storage industry veteran, today announced a new product line in the Sntry Series for the storing, management and routing of digital medical images – the SntryPACS™ Appliance.

The SntryPACS Appliance solutions are fully-integrated, DICOM compliant, industry standard server appliances that speed digital image access and routing, simplify image management, and provide highly reliable, cost-effective storage.

The SntryPACS will be displayed and demonstrated for the first time for healthcare professionals at the 93rd Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) in Chicago the week of November 25, 2007.

Meeting the requests of Medical OEMs and VARs
“Many OEM partners have used our HSM software solutions around the world for years. They asked us to create an integrated storage appliance that could not only fit the price sensitive segment of the medical market, but also address the archive storage needs their customers have.  QStar addresses this market from a unique perspective, because of its long history in archiving”, says President Riccardo Finotti, President of QStar.  “We met the call and combined expertise and amazing price points. The RSNA conference marks the first official introduction of the SntryPACS product line to the medical imaging market”.

SntryPACS: Fully-integrated and Optimized for DICOM Storage and Routing
With significant experience in Network Attached Storage (NAS) technology, QStar relies on an appliance-based foundation and industry-standard DICOM architecture to bring to market the new SntryPACS – storage and database appliance that is purpose-built to move, route and store DICOM images over a network.

The SntryPACS product line enables imaging centers and clinics to efficiently meet the patient record retention requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) by using automated, rule-based, secure routing of DICOM industry-standard images, and advanced replication features.

In addition, the SntryPACS’ internal database, appliance operating system, TCP/IP stack, disk I/O and custom DICOM engine are optimized for performance, providing retrieval and routing speeds rivaling those of high-end Picture Archiving System (PACS) systems.

High Performance Server Features at Entry Level Price Points
While the SntryPACS product line has many of the features found in high-performance PACS servers, the appliance-based architecture allows for a seamless installation, in minutes as opposed to days or weeks, and interoperability with other DICOM-compliant systems, modalities and viewing software using Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). The simplicity of deployment and maintenance offers imaging centers and clinics the benefit of avoiding costly system administration resources.

Easy Administration and Installation for environments with limited IT resources
The SntryPACS features the latest Web-based system administration GUI, self diagnostic and reporting capabilities with e-mail alert, and built-in serviceability and redundancy with hot-swap RAID-based disk drives and connectivity to a vast selection of secondary storage devices such as tape and optical.  Embedded PACS capability also replaces complex server and software, eliminating the need for specialized system administration skills and training.

Add Storage and Faster Retrieval Speeds to Existing Environments
The SntryPACS appliance also offers versatility in environments where a PACS server has been deployed. In these installations, SntryPACS works as a high-performance, reliable and low maintenance add-on archiving system as well as DICOM router.

SntryPACS is available in multiple raw capacity configurations – from 2 to 6 terabytes in a single chassis, and the SntryPACS is available in expandable configurations ranging up to 96 terabytes in raw capacity using optional expansion modules.

The SntryPACS product line is sold through Data Distributing Inc. domestically and through a network of international QStar medical resellers in EMEA. For more information contact QStar directly at 800-568-2578 visit us on the web at