QStar Retention Manager for Disk software provides the most simple, low cost method of creating an archive that will help you meet internal or external file retention governance.

Retention Manager for Disk allows a portion of any locally attached, network shared, disk or RAID to be used. Underutilized capacity can be used to create an archive on low-cost disk or RAID.

QStar Retention Manager for Disk software is available for Windows, Linux, UNIX or Mac servers. It can be used for low capacity archives (up to 16TB) and can be easily upgraded to support one or many tape or optical libraries, CAS or Object Storage systems, RDX or even Cloud storage, where the capacity is unlimited.

Retention Manager for Disk is ideal for low-cost, low-capacity archives which retain healthcare images, email (PST) files, company documents, quotations, sharepoint, in fact, any file that has a pre-determined useful life.

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