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Please take advantage of our whitepapers, which are written by the archiving experts at QStar.  They can help you with a number of archiving and data management issues; providing guidelines and considerations for designing an active archive, as well as addressing some of the common data center challenges.

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NEW    Reduce the Cost of Storage by Using an Active Archive
There are a number of significant advantages of using an active archive, but without a cost advantage an active archive may not be considered.

In this informative whitepaper, you will learn through QStar’s cost of acquisition analysis, that the total cost of an active archive is likely to be less expensive than the annual maintenance contract on Tier 1 storage with its associated deduplicated disk backup.  And, you will see cost calculations that prove that the more data you archive, the more you will save!   Learn how to save 90% on storage acquisition costs by archiving!



Design an Active Archive – Considerations and Guidelines to Archive Success

Many organizations don’t take into account the longer term perspective that is essential when designing an archive and can miss some of the most crucial considerations for a successful strategy.

The purpose of this paper is to leverage the extensive experience of the authors in the design and deployment of professional archive solutions by offering proven guidelines and important considerations that should be factored into the design of any enterprise archive.


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注目のホワイトペーパー – 無料ダウンロードするなら「今でしょう!」

新着    アクティブ·アーカイブを使用して、ストレージのコストを削減



本ホワイトペーパーでは、アクティブ・アーカイブの総費用は、「ティア1ストレージの年間保守契約と、それらのディデュプリケートな(重複データを除外した)ディスクバックアップにかかる費用よりも安価である可能性が高いこと」を、QStarのコスト分析を通して学ぶことができます。そして、より多くのデータをアーカイブすればするほど、より多くのコスト削減がなされることを証明するコスト計算を見ることができます! アーカイブによりストレージ取得コストを90%節約する方法を学んでください!



アクティブアーカイブを設計する アーカイブ成功への考慮事項とガイドライン