QStar Technology, leader in enterprise data archiving, today announced the availability of S3 Application Gateway software solution to respond to the growing need for S3 API integration within traditional storage environments

Denver, Colorado, November 14, 2019

“Through the QStar S3 Application Gateway software, part of the QStar Archive Manager suite of products, we offer unprecedented freedom of choice to company interested to take advantage of all the applications and devices that use the S3 Cloud protocol for storing information without having to purchase another expensive storage system. Simply turn the existing storage into an S3-Cloud compliant storage space. Optionally, replicate the same data to Amazon, Azure, IBM or StorEasy Cloud for disaster prevention. Companies can now decide to use part of their existing storage infrastructure as S3 Private Cloud Storage, creating S3 buckets for need of specific applications or operational needs, yet at the same time, continuing to have access via SMB and NFS protocols”.

QStar S3 Application Gateway softwareQStar S3 Application Gateway softwareTo answer to the continuous changes imposed by the market, companies of all sizes and across different markets must be able to face innumerable transformations in the IT sphere, such as the integration with cloud-native applications ad example.

IoT, mobile Apps, business software applications and many others that use S3 API are becoming more and more prevalent due to their flexibility to be used in several environments including cloud and on premise.
At the same time, with very few exceptions, traditional storage systems capable of natively managing the S3 protocol are not so common within on-premise customer infrastructures.

To safeguard the investments already made by companies in storage systems, QStar provides the S3 Application Gateway solution, that allows the transformation of traditional storage into S3 resources for storing data coming from applications that are using this protocol.

QStar adds new features and compatibility to traditional Storage / Server / NAS which is accessed via standard SMB / NFS protocols.

Through the QStar S3 Application Gateway, the entire, or a part of the storage infrastructure currently accessible via SMB / NFS will now be exposed to clients directly via S3, so emulating Object Storage technology. Storing and retrieving data via S3 protocol is extraordinarily simple; the objects are grouped into logical containers called buckets, which in practice are the volumes created within the existing SMB/NFS storage infrastructure.

The QStar S3 Application Gateway solution was developed to easily integrate applications using S3 API with existing storage infrastructures without having to make any changes to existing storage environment.

QStar’s S3 Application Gateway offers multi-tenancy management to ensure secure access from/to different clients. It is possible to assign and share the existing local storage space for any customer based on specific operational needs.

Furthermore, the QStar’s extensive experience in integrating vertical applications for a variety of markets and technologies, enables to offer, in addition to the S3 protocol also a range of APIs for native integration with market leading products for specific application areas such as: Healthcare PACs with DICOM format, Media Asset Management systems (MAM), Document Management, High Performance Computing (HPC) and Video surveillance.

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