Mary Esther, FL. – September 2nd, 2008

QStar Technologies, Inc., a global leader in compliance, archiving and data protection solutions, today announces online archiving support for Rorke Data’s High Performance XRN 50 – XRPN 100 Disc Publisher Appliances using its QStar Publisher Archive. This support enables customers to manage online pools of archive data through a seamless hybrid storage management structure with a mix of hard disk and off-line publishing in multiple optical archive formats.

QStar Publisher Archive provides storage management functionality specifically for popular CD, DVD and Blu-ray publication products by automatically moving data between fast access disk technology and low-cost removable archive media.   The solution is based on a hybrid storage structure which allows the enterprise’s reference data to be managed on available disk stores, and provides data protection with cost effective off-line expansion of archives by moving or copying data to removable media when needed. QStar Publisher Archive utilizes multiple levels of functionality so the solution can be customized as the customer needs it.

The solution is loaded directly on the Rorke High Performance XRN 50 – XRPN 100 Disc Publisher Appliance’s embedded PC and will manage the direct attached publication device, provide online storage functionality and make it available to users over the network.  This kind of archive functionality will provide the most power efficient archive solution along with the most cost effective way of managing long-term data storage for any application.

The solution is based on the award winning QStar HSM™ archive solution.  The Rorke Publishing Appliance offers an integrated solution featuring the Primera-based XR and XRP disk publishing systems with it’s high performance embedded server, up to 2 Terabytes of RAID protected storage and the QStar Publisher Archive application loaded directly on to the network attached device creating an innovative network attached appliance.  This integration provides a virtual storage library with on-line data archive functionality that automatically moves data between fast access disk cache technology and low-cost archive media such as BD or DVD.   The core functionality includes a single volume view, automated data migration, a detailed transaction logging cache, scheduled archiving, data protection functionality and media transportability.

“Partnering with leading, forward-thinking companies such as QStar, enables us to not only meet our customer’s requirements today, but providing them with a logical growth path for tomorrow,” said Joe Rorke Vice President of Marketing for Rorke. “The QStar solution is easy to implement and pairs performance and capacity with the very energy efficient storage design of the Rorke High Performance XRN 50 – XRPN unit at a very attractive cost per gigabyte, which makes this the ideal storage solution for small and medium business archive application and reference data storage.”

“QStar sees a great new opportunity for the archive segment by supporting the Rorke High Performance XRN 50 – XRPN 100 Disc Publisher,” states Riccardo Finotti, President of QStar Technologies Inc.  “QStar has created an application that expands the capabilities of publishers to exceed that of storage library solutions for archive.   The QStar software will enable users to archive, protect and off-load unlimited amounts of data to inexpensive yet reliable media. The combined solution is an impressive application that has the power to address the retention and preservation needs of long-term archiving applications yet in a very low cost, energy efficient manner.”

The solution is available in the QStar Revision 5 release and can be purchased exclusively through Rorke Data- a subsidiary of Bell Microproducts.  Rorke Data can be contacted at 800-328-8147 or located on the web at  For more information on QStar products, please go to our website at or call us at 850.243.0900.

About Rorke Data
Rorke Data is both an ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485:2003 certified data storage-centric, end-to-end solutions provider with expertise in primary and tiered storage architecture, integrating RAID, NAS, SAN, DVD, tape and optical libraries. Rorke leverages certified expertise in Linux, Windows and Mac platforms to deliver high bandwidth storage and network solutions for fixed and content-rich media application environments. Rorke’s products are backed with comprehensive global professional services. Founded in 1985, Rorke Data is composed of four divisions: Healthcare & Diagnostic Imaging, Digital Video & Broadcast, Digital Prepress & Publishing, as well as a Technical & Professional Services division. More information about Rorke Data can be found at Rorke Data is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bell Microproducts Inc. (BELM – News).

About QStar Technologies, Inc.
QStar Technologies is a leading storage management software company that provides sophisticated, large-scale client/server archive and data protection solutions for UNIX, Linux, and Windows operating systems. QStar provides tiered based storage solutions that allow every level of the corporation to organize and manage data storage resources of even the most heterogeneous networks. The world’s leading companies increasingly rely on QStar for the secure, cost effective and reliable storage of their critical data. QStar software supports a wide range of hardware platforms and storage devices, incorporating new technology, as it becomes available.   The company’s corporate headquarter is located at 2175 West Hwy 98, Mary Esther, Florida 32569 (850) 243-0900 fax: (850) 243-4234, Web Site:, with further sales and development offices in Europe and Asia.

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