DataDirect Networks, Inc. (DDN) announced expansion to its accessibility program for WOS object storage with the introduction of WOS Access for Amazon S3 (WOS S3), which adds support for the industry standard Amazon S3 API.

Riccardo Finotti, CEO, QStar Technologies, Inc., said: “QStar Technologies is very pleased to join DDN’s WOS partner network and announce support for the WOS S3 API with our Archive Manager and Archive Replicator products. QStar allows users to store petabytes of data to WOS S3 through a CIFS / NFS NAS archive gateway installed on a real or virtual Windows or Linux server. For established environment with many applications that rely on CIFS / NFS or where significant amounts of data are already stored on network storage, the addition of a NAS archive based workflow adds significant integration advantages. For certain archive workflows, a hybrid archive solutions can be an advantage. QStar provides Archive Replicator to synchronously write archived data to DDN WOS and tape, or DDN WOS and commercial cloud, or any number of combinations of supported technology.