LTO-7 Tape Archive Solution Showcased at 2016 NAB Show in Las Vegas

QStar Technologies, Inc, a leading global provider of enterprise-class archive and data management software solutions, today announced that Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and QStar have signed an OEM agreement for HPE to resell QStar’s Archive Manager and Network Migrator software products under their own brand. This agreement allows HPE to offer StoreEver Tape Library customers a simplified NAS interface for archiving to LTO-6 and new LTO-7 tape solutions, as well as policy-based file migration from primary / production storage systems.

“QStar and HPE have been working closely together over the last 12 months to advance tape archiving,” said Riccardo Finotti, QStar President and CEO. “In addition to the significant LTO-7 performance and capacity increases, we also have created an option within Archive Manager to create a self-managing, self-healing archive, due to our integration with HPE StoreEver Data Verification software. Customers enjoy a new level of data protection against loss, as the technologies detect media-related issues and take pre-emptive action to copy affected data to new media.”

QStar Archive Manager software creates a NAS which provides, direct access users or archive applications, a simple way to store data to HPE StoreEver tape libraries. The solution is industry independent and supports all file-based workflows. It is installed on a Windows or Linux server and creates an “integral volume” combining disk and archive storage such as tape libraries, object storage or cloud. This approach allows files to be cached to disk for short-term retrieval with file metadata remaining there permanently, while files are moved to archive storage for long-term preservation.

QStar Network Migrator software allows organizations to reclaim expensive primary storage capacity by migrating cold files to lower cost storage. It uses policies to identify specific files that are candidates for archiving and then manages these files to be moved, copied or migrated, leaving appropriate stub files, to StoreEver tape libraries through the Archive Manager gateway. Network Migrator maintains a database of file information, which allows for policy simulations and reporting plus stub recreation in the event of accidental deletion.

HPE is a world leader in tape drives, media and automation. StoreEver MSL and ESL G3 Tape Libraries are available in a range of sizes, with capacity and performance scalability options, to fit any requirement. They are available with LTO drive and media technology including the newly released LTO-7, which provides significant performance and capacity increases, delivering 300MB per second per tape drive and 6TB per media when uncompressed.

“The OEM agreement with QStar allows HPE to leverage existing partner technology that fits well with our solutions and enables us to continue developing and supporting our core strengths to grow our customer base,” said Chris Powers, Vice President, Data Center Development Unit, Storage, HPE.

The collaborative Tape as NAS Archive solution will be showcased at the 2016 NAB Show, Las Vegas, NV with demonstrations of this innovative solution conducted at the StudioXperience booth (SL2425) April 16th to 21st. It integrates seamlessly with many popular Media Asset Managers allowing simple migration of video content to LTFS-based LTO tape, delivering high performance, scalability and superior data protection for long-term video content preservation.

The Media and Broadcast industry is experiencing rapid capacity growth requirements due to Ultra High Definition 4K content creation. QStar software with HPE StoreEver tape provides a perfect complement to most editing environments to securely maintain valuable content once editing has completed.

Find out how Barrett-Jackson, The World’s Greatest Collector Car Auctions®, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, combines the benefits of tape and flash to protect business critical video assets using HPE StoreEver MSL6480 Tape Library with LTO-6 Tape Drives and Tape-as-NAS software integrated with CatDV media asset management system.

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