Mary Esther, FL. – February 5, 2008

QStar Technologies, Inc., a global leader in compliance, archiving and data protection solutions, today announces the availability of its second generation SntryStr™ Archive Appliance series.

Built to ease the management of highly regulated data, the SntryStr Archive Appliance series from QStar is ideal for all types of archive applications and also comes in industry specific applications such as SntryPACS for medical image archiving and SntryML for e-mail archiving.  SntryStr is a software and hardware solution that manages data as a plug and play appliance.  The second generation platform is built on open system, industry-standard hardware and uses SATA-drives.  The Linux kernel and imbedded data management software are capable of delivering easy-to-manage, multi-terabyte-level connectivity to most any archive specific hardware from Content Addressable Storage (CAS)  based hard drive solutions to write-once or rewriteable tape and optical.

The combination of the utilization of open hardware and removable media helps to drive down the total cost of ownership of archive management by eliminating vendor lock-in and providing a range of archive media choices, making the solution significantly less expensive than other enterprise storage alternatives.  In addition, by leveraging removable media solutions, users, gain additional savings in using significantly less power to manage the system over current hard drive only solutions.

The generation-2 solution is available in two basic configurations; The SntryStr 2000 (QSS 2000) solution with 500 GB, 750 GB or 1 TB of mirrored data protection in a 1-U rack mount form factor, and the SntryStr 6000 (QSS 6000) which is a 2-U rack mount solution with up to 6 TB of RAID-5 data protection.  The SntryStr hardware configuration includes; One or Two Intel Dual Core Xeon Processor, up to 4 MB DDR RAM, Integrated ATI ES1000 controller with 16MB of SDRAM, CD-RW/DVD ROM, Dual port auto-sensing gigabit NIC, Automatic IP address assignment, DHCP, ARP, Up to 3 expansion storage units with 15 drives (hot swappable), iSCSI support, Adaptec 29320 SCSI PCI Express Adapter, and an optional Fibre card.  The SntryStr 6000 is extendable with up to 6 storage expansion units capable of managing a whopping 96-TB of archive data on line.

All SntryStr devices come pre-configured with the QStar Master, HSM or Data Director storage management software to provide tiered based data management for maximum hardware utilization and data protection.   The solution installs in less than 15 minutes and provides simple system administration and operation via web-based management interface. System management and service is simplified through fully integrated self-diagnostics and data storage system operation.

“QStar prides itself on providing forward thinking archive management solutions to its customers,” says Riccardo Finotti President of QStar Technologies Inc.  “We have taken the knowledge we have learned from the market since the introduction of the first SntryStr line and improved on it to provide this new generation.”

All SntryStr solutions are available through select QStar resellers, integrators and distributors.  For more information please visit our website at or contact QStar sales at or +1 850-243-0900.

About QStar Technologies, Inc.
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