Resellers Now have Full Flexibility to Leverage Choice of Tape Technologies supporting LTFS

NAVARRE, FL – May 23, 2013QStar Technologies, a leading global provider of enterprise-class data management and archive software, today announced it is the first such provider to be able to support LTFS (Linear Tape File System) across all compatible tape drives and libraries.   With QStar Archive Manager software adding support for the enterprise class IBM TS1140 tape drive, this now completes the list of LTFS-based tape drives and libraries.  For the first time, resellers have full flexibility to supply any tape library they wish and, with QStar, to leverage the new tape industry standard format, LTFS, as they choose.

LTFS offers organizations media portability and simple, long-term accessibility to archive data. The latest addition to QStar’s  LTFS-tape compatibility list, the IBM TS1140 drive, offers a larger capacity and faster transfer rate than LTO-6, with a native capacity of 4TB and sustained transfer rates of 250MB per second.  QStar Archive Manager now supports all tape drives and libraries that can currently use LTFS as their archive tape file system, adding IBM TS1140 based libraries from IBM and Spectra Logic, to all libraries using T10000C drives from Oracle, as well as LTO-5 and LTO-6 drives from IBM, HP and Quantum.

“A key advantage of QStar Archive Manager software is its flexibility to support many archive technologies from all leading vendors, making our archiving solutions truly vendor and technology neutral,” said Riccardo Finotti, President and CEO for QStar Technologies. “We now support all currently shipping tape formats, with our own optimized archive file system and with LTFS. Interest in LTFS is growing rapidly in many vertical markets beyond just media and entertainment, and our commitment to our customers is to provide multiple choices. We also support optical, RDX, disk, object storage and cloud technologies, often combining multiple technologies to meet specific user and application requirements for performance and data security.”

QStar’s LTFS volume-spanning methodology allows LTFS to be leveraged in all markets and now for all tape libraries using LTO-5, LTO-6, TS1140 or T10000C drives. LTFS can be combined with encryption technology to protect customer data assets without affecting the portability and data ingestion of this media at other sites, potentially using other LTFS archive applications.” said Eric Slack, Senior Analyst for Storage Switzerland.


QStar Archive Manager software can be installed on a Windows or Linux server and virtualizes any tape library behind a NAS-like disk cache, allowing a simple connection through CIFS and NFS.

QStar Archive Manager and other archiving software solutions from QStar Technologies are available from a worldwide network of storage value-added resellers.  QStar offers a free 30-day trial license for Archive Manager, to allow users to test before purchasing.  Archive Manager is priced on a simple tape library capacity model. Offline or secondary copies are stored without cost.   Visit to request more information.

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