Mary Esther, Florida — February 15, 2011 — QStar Technologies, Inc., a global leader in enterprise class archive and data management software, today  announced QStar HSM Archive Manager software support for the new 100GB and 128GB Blu-ray BDXL technology available from leading Blu-ray optical library vendors; DISC and HIT.  BDXL technology can more than double the capacity of existing Blu-ray media (BD), yet continues to offer read and write backward compatibility to even the oldest 120mm technology of CD or DVD. The ability to read and write media manufactured 20 years ago is unique in the storage industry.

BD-R (recordable) and BD-RE (rewritable) media were first introduced with a single layer version at 25GB and a dual layer version at 50GB.  BDXL offers an increase in both bit density and additional layers, with a 100GB three layer or 128GB four layer media technology. Blu-ray based archive solutions offer exceptional value for money for the small to medium enterprise and have been widely accepted in markets such as document management, video surveillance, forensics and to create legally admissible formats. Like all optical based technologies, the media offers a random read capability, significantly improving load times compared to tape technology, which uses sequential access.

QStar HSM Archive Manager software creates an active archive by virtualizing one or more optical libraries behind a file system using CIFS or NFS protocol and presenting the archive as a platform specific drive share or mount.  Users can actively search, find and recall data directly from the archive. Should additional performance be required, for email archiving etc, the optical library can be paired with RAID, which would provide the performance copy and respond quickly in the event of a discovery order. The Blu-ray media creates a secure copy for long-term preservation and a second copy to Blu-ray creates an offsite disaster prevention copy.

Optionally, by using QStar Network Migrator software’s advanced policy management, customers can intelligently move static or unstructured data from primary storage into an optical library, creating a tiered storage environment for storage optimization.

QStar HSM Archive Manager and Network Migrator software are available immediately to support the optical libraries using the new 100GB and 128GB BDXL Blu-ray drives and media, from DISC and HIT.  All QStar software supports standard operating systems including Windows, UNIX, Linux and Mac OS X.


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