New Optical Archive Solution for Media and Entertainment Market to be Available Third Quarter 2013

NAVARRE, FL – April 4, 2013 – QStar Technologies Inc. announced today its plan to integrate and support Sony’s Optical Disc Archive technology in its core archive management solution Archive Manager. The optical archive solution will provide the Media and Entertainment market with industry leading data preservation and protection for their high-value digital content.

The Optical Disc Archive drive supports an optical cartridge with up to 1.5TB of capacity and the choice of WORM or rewritable media. Key benefits of Optical Disc Archive are the very long-term estimated media lifespan and the more lenient archive environment in which media can be stored. Optical Disc Archive withstands higher temperature and humidity variation than tape media and resists dust and water droplets.

QStar Technologies has supported optical technology from its inception more than 25 years ago. Optical technology has always provided fast response times and random access to data on the same media, allowing improvements in workflows.

QStar Archive Manager software provides a NAS-like front end to Sony’s Optical Disc Archive libraries, allowing data sets to automatically grow over time to petabytes and beyond without the need to manage individual pieces of media. Archive Manager supports both online and offline media providing three tiers of archive data; data on disk cache, data on online media and data on offline media. Archive Manager also automatically creates media copies for additional data protection. These copies can be created in a single library, or if preferred, a second library can be configured, and data replicated across the LAN or WAN.

QStar offers data verification within Archive Manager, ensuring that all data retrieved, perhaps many decades later, is identical to when it was originally archived.   All data is archived using UDF (Universal Disk Format), which is the long-standing, industry-standard file system for optical media. This ensures that data written today can be read in the future by other archiving applications and on any operating system.

“QStar is pleased to be a key partner in the promotion of Sony’s new Optical Disc Archive”, says Riccardo Finotti, president and CEO for QStar Technologies. “This enhances QStar’s position as the leading vendor for choice in archive technology for the Media and Entertainment market. QStar believes that the Optical Disc Archive drive and library technology offers many significant advantages over existing archive technologies”.

In addition, to facilitate the migration of existing digital content to Sony’s Optical Disc Archive, QStar will support seamless data migration from Sony PetaSite installations. QStar Archive Manager will read the existing tape-based archive media and replicate the content to Optical Disc Archive media, verifying all migrated content through hashing techniques.


QStar Archive Manager will begin shipping with the added support for Sony’s Optical Disc Archive based libraries as they come to market in 2013.   Visit our website for more information or to request a quote.

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