To simplify the installation and management processes, QStar has developed a range of SntrySTR Archive Appliances

Our applicances are preconfigured and ready for archive technology to be attached via SCSI, SAS, iSCSI, FC or USB.  SntrySTR (pronounced sentry store)  is available either as a 1U or 2U rackmount server, offering different capacities of disk cache, and running Ubuntu Linux operating system. With additional disk only expansion units, the SntrySTR solution can optionally expand to 96TB of raw disk capacity to complement removable media archive technology (optical, tape or RDX).

For those organizations with a smaller capacity archive, SntrySTR Xpress is a great choice. This appliance is a mini-tower configuration, and allows archive data to be stored on hard disk with additional copies written to Blu-ray media using the integrated Blu-ray drive. If, in the future, a Blu-ray library is required to reduce manual interventions or grow the archive, the Xpress can be reconfigured to support a library from one of the many supported by QStar.

QStar uses Dell hardware for our appliances, giving our customers the advantage of worldwide support and maintenance.


SntrySTR – For Enterprise Archive Storage Management

Built for demanding data center environments, SntrySTR offers all the powerful features of our archive management software in a complete network attached archive appliance.

SntrySTR Xpress – For SMB Archive Storage Management

The SntrySTR Xpress leverages the strengths of the enterprise SntrySTR in a configuration specifically designed to meet the requirements and budget of a smaller organization.