QStar HyperTier

A single, powerful storage solution for data protection and archive

QStar HyperTier

With QStar HyperTier you can store, archive and protect all your unstructured data through a single-entry point, ensuring that it will be automatically and transparently placed and protected in the right storage tier. An effective approach to protecting, managing, and accessing data through QStar’ software modules that interact natively together.

Through HyperTier administration you can tailor your storage environment and applications through a powerful and flexible Unified Storage Platform. Built on Software Defined Storage (SDS) model that works with any x86 servers on Windows or Linux operating systems.

QStar’s Unified Storage Platform provides a native multi-protocol support that works with all applications, hypervisors and public clouds to protect and archive your data in a fluid storage environment, eliminating data silo issues and reduce CAPEX and OPEX costs.

The HyperTier brand includes a range of software products developed by QStar Technologies for data protection aimed at the corporate and government markets. Currently there are six products under the aegis of HyperTier, these software modules include: Object Storage Manager (OSM), Archive Storage Manager (ASM), Network Migrator (QNM), Storage Reporter, Cloud Gateway and Archive Replicator.

Tiered Storage classified based on data activity

QStar HyperTier Unified Platform uses an adaptive performance model that automatically creates tiers of storage based on data activity. It supports a combination of very high-performance storage, medium performance storage and capacity storage by exploiting multiple storage technologies, products and solutions. Each of them is used to optimize the system for a specific operational, compliance and durability requirement.

Simple policies allow you to decide where and for how long to store a given file or group of files or an entire volume within a specific storage tier or cloud. At the same time, where requests are made to a file which previously had been moved to a lower performance level or within the cloud, the file will be retrieved in real time based on a pre-set hierarchy.

This model delivers optimized storage resources, drastically reduced costs, and greater security because, QStar’s HyperTier eliminates hardware and vendor lock-in, giving IT departments maximum flexibility — while making storage smarter, more efficient, and highly available.

Ransomware protection

Specific tiers of storage can be configured to protect content from Ransomware attacks by locking out unauthorized changes. This can be done through retention management policies or using sequential storage technologies with “roll-back” features, allowing previous versions of files (before the ransomware attack) to be retrieved. After file recovery, automatic clean-up operations can be triggered to remove the ransomware encrypted files.

Unified storage management on premise and within the cloud

A large number of enterprises have a mix of on-premises infrastructure and public cloud. The need for lowering costs, increase flexibility and scalability is driving more organizations to use cloud storage. With QStar’s HyperTier your organization can experience the agility and flexibility of the public cloud while ensuring your sensitive data is secured by managing these activities in a simple and immediate way. Cloud storage can be configured as the “copy of last resort” to prevent excessive access costs, if other archive storage exists that are more economical for retrieval. Our Unified Storage Platform is a modern software-defined storage solution that spans across workloads, clouds and tiers, making it easy for your organization to access your data and quickly add storage capacity as you grow.