HYCU Data Protection

The Data protection solution for today’s data centers

HYCU provides a wildly innovative application-focused on data protection for today’s data centers. HYCU empowers IT, Nutanix, VMware, Azure, and Google admins to take back the data center without breaking a sweat. Hycu application-focused solution gives full-stack visibility to see VMs and business-critical applications in a single robust environment. It breaks through barriers to quickly eliminate problems, thoroughly recover applications and data, and quickly deploy. There’s no waiting, no learning, and no hassle.
HYCU harnesses 25 years of sophisticated IT outsourcing, insights from over one million users, and work experience with more than 25,000 customers and more than 10 ISVs to create a deep and unrivaled well of industry expertise. The result is unsurpassed build alignment with industry leaders and a formidable competitive advantage in the multi-cloud space.

QStar integrates with the HYCU to deliver a long-term backup storage using tape libraries

HYCU has integrated with QStar Archive Manager to allow users to preserve backups to tape libraries for long-term storage and retrieval. Archive Manager provides SMB shares in front of the tape library using fast caches (NVMe) to stream write data to tape. Once the tape-out operation is complete, users typically export that media, creating the desired air-gapped copy. New media is added ready for the next periods tape-out operation.

LTO tape provides excellent value for money and allows content to be stored for up to 30 years.

HYCU Data Protection

QSTAR Long-Term Archive

Long-Term Archive by QSTAR Technologies for HYCU is a digital data preservation platform
that ensures organizations store backups, documents, objects and data for the long term (30 years +).