High Performance Computing

High performance computing (HPC) aggregates computing power to perform complex tasks and solve complicated problems on datasets comprising multi-petabytes of data; datasets that are too large for standard computers to process. HPC plays an integral role in the advancement of research, development and innovation in many fields, including genetic research, climate research, financial services, media and entertainment, engineering and manufacturing.

Data is the lifeblood of high performance computing, and with the explosive growth in machine learning and artificial intelligence projects today for many industries, more and more data is produced and analyzed.

It is critical that these massive amounts of valuable data are stored securely and protected to support the projects of today and in the future.


QStar Technologies, is a leading global provider of enterprise-class archive and data management software solutions for High Performance Computing environments.


HPC Archive Storage Framework

What Does QStar Offer?

QStar Archive Manager solutions, trusted by thousands of organizations, provide a software gateway layer for interfacing with all kinds of archive storage technologies. QStar Archive Manager uses NFS and SMB protocols and / or S3 APIs to create an Active Archive environment using a standard NAS-based file system or Cloud interfaces that can manage one or more types of archive storage transparently, such as tape libraries or private / public cloud. With Archive Manager all data appears to users and applications as file shares, mounts or buckets that they can access directly or search to find and retrieve data from the archive.

QStar Global ArchiveSpaceTM, multi-node archive gateway software supports the largest tape library environments – easily supporting hundreds of petabytes or exabytes of data to meet the enormous capacities produced within HPC environments. Its hybrid architecture can use multiple different types of archive storage, including disk, tape or cloud storage, to provide higher performance at much lower costs than single technology solutions. Global ArchiveSpaceTM supports environments requiring high resilience, high performance and high capacity.

QStar Network Migrator, our policy based tiered storage and data lifecycle manager software can be paired with Archive Manager or Global ArchiveSpace, to monitor file systems in order to discover files that have not changed or been accessed since the last scan, and are therefore considered to be dormant and can be archived. QStar Network Migrator supports many HPC file systems and monitors each one in the most efficient way afforded by the file system.

Whatever storage technology you choose for data archiving, QStar software solutions can support your organization’s critical archiving needs for HPC projects by reducing your investments in primary storage infrastructure. Organizations can then purchase only enough of the fastest storage that they need to complete each project, while vast amounts of other data can be parked and secured with a QStar Active Archive.

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