High-Performance Computing Storage


As technologies like AI and IoT continue to evolve, businesses across all industries are adopting high-performance computing (HPC) solutions to process, store and analyze the massive amount of data being created.

High-performance computing aggregates computing power to perform complex tasks and solve complicated problems on datasets comprising multi-petabytes of data; datasets that are too large for standard computers to process. HPC plays an integral role in the advancement of research, development, and innovation in various fields, from genetic analysis and climate research to financial services, risk analysis, and automobile design.

The underlying storage system of an HPC solution is critical to its performance. Faster and more precise analytics requires a storage management system that can store large amounts of analyzed data while maintaining high-performance levels as it handles constant requests from multiple servers.

QStar Technologies provides the solutions, software, and infrastructure needed to implement archive storage for your HPC enterprise through Tape and Cloud Technologies. Our High-Performance Computing solutions allow you to implement hybrid data storage systems to support enormous amounts of data at very competitive costs compared to today’s traditional storage products.

HPC Archive Storage Framework

What is High-Performance Computing Storage?

High-performance storage is a storage management system designed to help enterprises handle large volumes of data. A high-performance storage system has the capacity to store huge amounts of raw unanalyzed data and growing amounts of processed data and perform at levels that can support CPU-intensive activity from multiple HPC servers.

High-performance storage solutions support a variety of methods for accessing and creating data and work with both network-attached and direct-connected storage. With data transfer rates greater than one gigabit per second, high-performance storage is especially useful for managing complex or unstructured data.

What Does QStar Offer?

With QStar’s High-Performance Computing archive storage solutions you can better manage growing amounts of complex data that support data-intensive applications like simulation and modeling applications.

 Our Archive Storage Manager (ASM) solutions provide a software gateway layer for interfacing with all kinds of archive storage technologies. It’s supported by QStar Network Migrator (QNM) which monitors file systems to discover files that have changed since the last archive. QStar QNM supports HPC file systems and monitors each one for file changes in the most efficient way afforded by the file system.

 QStar ASM uses NFS and SMB protocols and / or S3 APIs to create an Active Archive environment using standard NAS-based file system or Cloud interfaces that can manage multiple types of archive storage transparently. With Archive Storage Manager (ASM) all data appears to users as ordinary file shares they can use to search, find, and retrieve data directly from the Active Archive.

Active Archive storage supports multiple petabyte (PB) storage and offers the enormous capacity necessary for HPC needs. Its hybrid architecture can use multiple different types of tiered storage, including disk, tape or cloud storage, to provide higher performance at much lower costs than single technology solutions.

 Whatever storage technology you choose for data archiving, QStar High-Performance Computing storage solutions can support your organization’s HPC projects while reducing your investments in storage infrastructure.

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