Organizations today are regularly updating their storage environments to add extra capacity, extra performance, scalability, and protection, as well as lower cost storage options for archive. The IT department manages the migration of data from old platforms to new platforms, with the key understanding that access can’t be interrupted.

For many, this migration is done “blindfolded”, meaning that they have no idea what data is being migrated, who owns it or why it is on the old platform in the first place. Data Management solutions can be used to remove the blindfold and allow administrators to understand more about the data they are managing and protecting. Using Data Management solutions correctly and regularly could lead to significant cost savings and improved data protection.

What is Data Management?

Data management software solutions help organizations collect and use data securely, efficiently, and cost-effectively. They help organizations optimize the use of data to make better decisions while ensuring that data remains secure and compliant.

The management of data has a wide scope and can involve the use of several procedures, policies, and practices relating to the creation, use, access, and updating of data on-premises or in the cloud. With data management software, organizations can maintain high data availability, ensure data privacy and security, efficiently archive and destroy data.

How Data Management Software and Solutions Are Used

Data Archiving

Data archiving stores inactive data on a separate storage system for long-term retention, in a way that protects data modification but where it can be easily accessed and retrieved when necessary. Archived data management platforms can archive mission-critical data and meet data retention regulations. Data is typically stored on lower-cost storage systems like tape or cloud storage, to reduce overall storage costs.

Data Protection

An important key task for all organizations is data backup. The process itself is very time and personnel intensive, particularly when ensuring the process is working correctly through periodic testing regimes including restoring content. Data Management solutions help to identify files that are not changing and possibly not being accessed so they can be moved to an archive environment, which needs no backup. This “static data” is protected through archive, reducing the amount of changing data that must be protected through standard backup procedures.

Compliance and Governance

Compliance regulations are complex and constantly evolving. Organizations need to employ industry best practices and policies to ensure data is gathered and stored reliably and safely. Data management software allows organizations to ensure data integrity and the consistent implementation of security controls according to data privacy laws.

Data Analytics

When organizations collect and store data from a variety of sources, it’s hard to derive meaningful insights and trends. Data management analytics software can provide high-level insights using modeling, planning, and trend analysis that help businesses optimize performance, analyze customer trends and increase customer satisfaction.

Features of Data Management Software Solutions

  • Improves data quality and reduces cost by removing data redundancies and filling in missing information to ensure data precision.
  • Alerts you to changes to data in a way that lets you identify when and how the data is being modified.
  • Offers encryption, and access control mechanisms to protect your enterprise data from unauthorized access and security breaches to meet compliance mandates.
  • Minimizes data risks by providing controlled processes for accessing, integrating, and storing data throughout its lifecycle.
  • Provides features for automating the process of optimizing data migration processes and reduce human error.

Data Management Software Solutions with QStar Technologies

QStar Network Migrator is a trusted Windows or Linux based data management software product that can used to identify data and suggest the best location of that data. In addition, Network Migrator can automatically complete some of these tasks, such as copying or moving files to other tiers of storage, better suited to their access requirements. Network Migrator can migrate files to tiers of primary storage or to an Active Archive created by QStar’s Archive Manager software.

An Active Archive supports multiple storage technologies, including disk drives, LTO tape, and cloud storage to provide secure, reliable storage at a fraction of the cost of primary flash-based storage systems.

Find out more about our data archive management software solutions and how QStar can help you manage files onto the correct performance storage to reduce cost, assure data protection and streamline efficiency.