Long-Term Retention and Archival with Cohesity

Modernize Your Retention Strategy with an Automated Solution

Cohesity Long Term Archive

Cohesity dramatically simplifies long-term data and application retention and archival with a modern solution that supports the backup, recovery, and long-term retention of multiple workloads—across multiple locations: on-premises to public cloud and edge environments.

Cohesity enables:

  • Policy-driven and automated archival to tape

  • Savings with global variable-length deduplication and compression


Built-in policies ensure IT can easily automate data retention to tape as an archive target with customizable retention periods.

With Cohesity, organizations also have increased flexibility to address local, regional, or international compliance and business service-level agreements.


With Cohesity, IT organizations save time by quickly archiving data to multiple targets, including QStar-managed tape libraries. QStar Archive Manager creates one or more SMB shares in front of a tape library using a fast cache (NVMe) to stream data to tape. Once the tape-out operation is completed, tape media is typically exported to create the desired air-gapped copy.

Cohesity’s unique architecture stores data differently. Customers see a dramatically reduced data footprint with global variable-length sliding-window deduplication and compression, seeing data reduction rates such as 18x, and CapEx and OpEx savings of 70% or more.