Cloud Archive Gateway

The benefits of cloud storage solutions are great. Increased security, greater scalability, and reduced costs are just a few of the reasons enterprises are migrating to the cloud. But many companies have existing on-premise storage that may not be able to leverage third-party cloud infrastructures. QStar Technologies Cloud Archive Gateway Software is a cost-effective, solution that provides simple migration and archiving mechanisms for connecting your on-premise servers and applications to a cloud provider of your choice. With Cloud Archive Gateway, you can extend your on-premises infrastructure into the public, private or hybrid cloud for more efficient sharing, backup, and archiving of data.

Cloud Archive Gateway Infrastructure

What Is A Cloud Archive Gateway?

A cloud gateway is a physical or virtual appliance or, in QStar’s case, a software application installed onto your own physical or virtual server (Windows or Linux) within the company’s data center. It allows users and applications file access to data stored in a cloud environment as though it resides on the company’s local network.

A cloud gateway solution acts as a bridge between otherwise incompatible cloud storage systems and the organization’s enterprise data center by providing basic communication protocols that allow them to communicate transparently with each other using SMB or NFS.

Cloud gateways can be used for archiving data in the cloud and creating automated storage tiers to replicate data between inexpensive cloud storage and local disk storage to balance costs and storage space.

How Does The Cloud Archive Gateway Work?

Cloud gateway solutions address the incompatibility between protocols used by cloud technologies such as RESTful API over HTTP and protocols used by legacy storage systems including conventional local PC, server or network-attached storage (NAS). Through simple connectivity and basic protocol translation, storage can appear to be a network-attached NAS filer or a backup device.

QStar’s state-of-the-art Cloud Gateway solution integrates seamlessly with existing storage structures without affecting applications or users. It turns your local infrastructure into a virtual NAS network in the cloud creating unlimited scalability for securely storing large amounts of data.

Benefits Of Cloud Archive Storage

  • Replace traditional storage solutions with Cloud / Object Storage to increase security and scalability over traditional storage at a fraction of the cost.
  • Migrate and archive data using major third-party cloud infrastructure providers including Amazon S3, Azure, IBM Cloud Object Storage, Dell EMC ECS and others.
  • Integrate seamlessly with a wide range of market-leading products and applications through local file protocols to Cloud APIs without re-engineering systems or applications.
  • Increase backup and restore times and decrease the backup size by archiving inactive data to the cloud.
  • Increased data security with optional WORM or Read-Only interfaces to prevent archives from being overwritten, modified, or manipulated

Why You Should Choose QStar Technologies Cloud Archive Gateway Software Solutions:

QStar Technologies provides scalable, cost-effective solutions for your organization’s archive storage needs. With our Cloud Gateway solutions, you can optimize data and cut local storage infrastructure costs by migrating inactive data to the cloud.

Multi-Cloud Storage is possible for security conscious companies. In this case data is written once to the Cloud Archive Gateway, and that data is replicated to multiple Cloud environments (up to 4).  A hierarchy of retrievals can be set up – such that lowest cost egress fees can be set as the default.

In addition, you can also copy data to LTO (Linear Tape Open), an inexpensive magnetic tape solution that allows you to store and backup vast quantities of data, using proprietary TDO tape format or industry standard LTFS (Linear Tape File System) technology. We then combine physical magnetic tape storage and the cloud to create a flexible, cohesive data storage system.

Contact us to find out how we can help you optimize your data and reduce local storage infrastructure costs with Cloud Archive Gateway Software.