What is FLAPE? Combining the best of Flash and Tape using QStar Archive Manager Multi-Write

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Many organizations understand the significant performance benefit in flash storage, over traditional rotating disk. No moving parts also means greater reliability. As such disk storage is declining in the enterprise in favor of NVMe flash-based storage. However, flash lacks high capacity. Tape storage, on the other hand, is high capacity but read operations are slow [...]

Ransomware Protection With QStar Technologies

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Established organizations can benefit by storing more data in an archive than on primary storage. As data ages it is naturally accessed less frequently and therefore migrating it to cheaper, slower access archive storage becomes common-sense.  To protect primary data from ransomware is often difficult and expensive, involving third party software. Conversely, when employing QStar [...]

Data Management Solutions & Software

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Organizations today are regularly updating their storage environments to add extra capacity, extra performance, scalability, and protection, as well as lower cost storage options for archive. The IT department manages the migration of data from old platforms to new platforms, with the key understanding that access can’t be interrupted. For many, this migration is done [...]

Enterprise Data Protection Solutions

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Data protection and security are crucial to the success of any modern organization. As of 2020, the average cost of an enterprise data breach is $3.86 million. Today’s enterprises, whatever the size, face several data protection challenges, including data breaches, cyber-attacks, and insider threats. But there is often a disconnect between what companies know they [...]

Use of a Cache and the Cache Booster Option

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QStar Archive Manager and its enhanced sister product Archive Replicator create solutions such as Tape-as-NAS, Tape-as-Cloud and Cloud Gateway for archiving purposes. Both use a “cache” when moving data into and out of the archive. The archive can consist of one or more technologies, including tape, cloud, disk and optical. In most circumstances, the cache [...]