QStar is the leading global provider of enterprise-class archive and data management software solutions. QStar software is a key element in creating cost-effective ‘Active Archive’ solutions. Our software virtualizes any archive technology behind a file system or S3 compatible interface, making the entire archive appear as one or more NAS disks or cloud buckets.
Archived data is easily accessible and secure for years to come.

Introducing QStar Global ArchiveSpace TM

Global ArchiveSpace - Multi-node archive gateway software

QStar Global ArchiveSpace TM is a new multi-node gateway software solution that cost-effectively supports the massive archive needs of high-performance computing (HPC), AI/ML, hyperscalers, media and entertainment and video surveillance environments, looking to simplify, store and protect data for the long-term using the world’s largest tape libraries.

Global ArchiveSpace TM supports all tape libraries from all vendors but particularly the largest tape libraries available on the market today, using any version of LTO or proprietary tape drive technology. We support organizations using libraries with tens or hundreds of tape drives and petabytes or exabytes of archived data.

QStar Technologies’ Global ArchiveSpace™ software solution provides fast access to large archives, such as tape libraries, through a multi-node system that includes load balancing and high availability. It supports various types of storage and can replicate data for enhanced protection, offering a unified view of the archived data.

Archive Manager®  storage virtualization manages a range of storage technologies such as Object Storage, Cloud Storage (Private and Hybrid), Tape Libraries, WORM, Disk Array and Optical Disk Libraries to form an Efficient, Safe and Cost-Effective Active Archive environment by virtualizing differing storage technologies behind a file system.

Network Migrator®  is a policy based tiered storage and data lifecycle manager. Network Migrator software uses advanced policy management to monitor and automatically migrate, copy or move less frequently used files from primary storage to tiered storage or else to a central archive or Cloud Storage (Public, Private and Hybrid).

Disaster Prevention solutions lets you drastically reduce the cost of setting up a disaster recovery site using architecture designed to guarantee data integrity and business continuity at a fraction of the cost of conventional architecture produced for such purposes. QStar Data Director and Archive Replicator solutions can support two, three or four archive targets. 

Certified integration for the provision of Long-Term Archive services

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QStar solutions for High Performance Computing (HPC) allow you to implement massive storage hybrid systems at very competitive costs compared to traditional storage products available today. Our HPC storage solutions can help you manage the escalating data capacities and complexities created by data-intensive applications such as simulation and modeling. Combined with the most popular HPC file systems, QStar software solutions let you maximize productivity, improve storage efficiencies, and increase ROI.