QStar provides Reusable Archive for Video Surveillance

The Video Surveillance market has seen a significant switch to IP based, digital cameras. Video is no longer stored to multiple video recorders but to disk based DVR systems (Digital Video Recorders).

For systems with small numbers of cameras or whose required retention time is measured in days (not months or years), then disk based systems make sense. For those organizations with larger numbers of cameras and particularly those that need to retain surveillance records for months or years, DVR systems can be extremely expensive.

QStar works with many Video Surveillance companies to provide support for an additional tier of lower-cost, longer term storage technologies, allowing users of Video Surveillance systems to drastically reduce their total cost of ownership. At the center of this strategy is the concept of a “Reusable Archive”. This allows for the automatic overwrite of data on removable media, after specified retention schemes have elapsed.

QStar Archive Manager software solutions support tape, RDX and optical libraries and allow for the off-line storage of the oldest content if required. It virtualizes any archive technology and presents it through a platform specific drive share or mount point. Administrators can see file shares and can easily search, find and recall video files directly from the archive using CIFS or NFS. No proprietary applications are required. Even when a file has been moved to an off-line local store or off-site vault, QStar maintains its location and the video file still appears to be on-line.

QStar Archive Replicator can be used to replicate files to cloud storage or off-site archives, using tape for example, which further protects an organizations significant investment.

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