Reduce Backup

Most surveys relating to IT issues, regularly list backup and restore as the largest concern for IT Managers. The quantity of data on primary servers and the decreasing window of time they have to complete backup operations sometimes lead to jobs being stopped before being completed. Very often, due to of a lack of resources, trial restore operations are also forgotten. This puts an organization’s valuable data at risk.

By identifying files as static and unchanging, it is possible to remove them from the backup window completely.  Many analysts report that up to 80% of an organization’s data could be in this class.

If this large amount of static or unchanging data is removed from primary, it will no longer be included in the regular backup. As only mission critical data is backed up, in the event of a disaster, restore time will be significantly improved.

Using QStar Network Migrator, based on policies set, customers can manage the data life-cycle, continuously moving static files from primary storage into the archive.  Files can be stored a desired number of times on one or more technologies, depending on the organization’s business need.

QStar 3-2-1 Archive and Data Protection Best Practice recommends three copies of archived data, drastically fewer than the number of backups that would be taken of the same data left on primary storage over a year.

Download the whitepaper – Reduce Backup and Speed Restore with Archiving