Data Sheets

This resource page provides a complete list of the most current data sheets for QStar’s data and archive management product suite. All data sheets provide an overview of each product, including technical specifications. Please contact us directly for more information, a product demo or product evaluation.

Archive Software

Archive Manager
Archive Manager (A4)

QStar LTFS Volume Spanning for Tape Libraries
QStar LTFS Volume Spanning for Tape Libraries (A4)

Archive Manager Tape Media Verification
Archive Manager Tape Media Verification (A4)

Archive Replicator
Archive Replicator (A4)

Data Director
Data Director (A4)

Object Storage Manager
Object Storage Manager (A4)


Data Management Software

Network Migrator
Network Migrator (A4)


QStar Appliance Solutions

SntrySTR (A4)

SntrySTR Xpress
SntrySTR Xpress (A4)


QStar Healthcare Archiving Software and Appliance


QStar Dicom Publisher


Publishing & Mastering Software


Publisher Archive


General Software Products

TMT – Technology Migration Tool