Removable disk technology, such as RDX, is based on hard disk technology which is protected by a hard shell or case.  This technology offers both performance and security for archived data. RDX is based on 2.5 inch hard disk technology and offer capacities up to 2TB per cartridge.

Manufacturers of removable disk systems offer cabinets that can read or write multiple media  a time. Removable disk systems work well in small to medium sized archives (1 TB to 100TB).

A key advantage of using a removable disk system is that newer / larger capacity media can be used in the original device without upgrading. Media life is stated as 30 years.

A drawback of using RDX is the scalability of the solution. Individual systems have small capacities and have relatively high costs. With 8 bays and 2TB cartridges, RDX requires multiple  systems to create a large archive.

As part of a 3-2-1 Archive, RDX has a unique position, as it can be used for all three copies required in a 3-2-1 Archive. It is a fast and secure technology, and the disaster recovery  (DR) copy can be simply removed from the store and transported to a remote location.

Using QStar Archive Replicator software, one 8-bay unit could be replicated to a second 8-bay unit offsite.  Alternately, the RDX based archive can be replicated to RAID for faster access.

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