QNM – QStar Network Migrator

Policy-Based Storage and Data Lifecycle Manager
Create a tiered storage environment. Automatically move static data from primary storage to the archive. Optimize storage utilization and drastically reduce backup.

QStar Network Migrator (QNM) is a policy based tiered storage and data lifecycle manager.  QNM software uses advanced policy management to monitor and automatically migrate, copy or move less frequently used files from primary storage to tiered storage or to a central archive.

By migrating static or less frequently used files to lower cost storage such tape, businesses can optimize the use of primary storage, reducing the need and costs associated with purchasing more.  In addition, when data is managed properly and only the most recent or frequently changing files are included in the back up process, the backup window will be reduced.

QStar Network Migrator software can be easily installed on a Windows server.  Agents are available for each server managing data, using Windows, UNIX, Linux or Mac. QNM also supports a variety of API sets to integrate with “closed” file systems such as NetApp ONTAP, HDS HNAS, GPFS and HyperFS.

A combination of file and file system attributes can be used to control the movement of data including: file create, access or modification date, file extensions, regular expression searches, and high-water marks. Once defined, data is migrated to the designated storage device and when archive retention dates have been met, files are released for managed or automatic deletion at the end of their lifecycle.  This intelligent management of data helps organizations meet internal policies for data governance and regulatory requirements.

Regardless of the physical location of the files, they can remain fully accessible across the network from their original local file systems. Retrieving the file is as simple as it was before migration.

QStar Network Migrator software can be used on its own or in conjunction with other QStar products, such as QStar Archive Manager, to store and manage archived data using tape, optical, RDX, object storage or cloud.

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Data Sheets

Network Migrator

Network Migrator (A4 format)


  • Advanced policy-based data migration and management
  • Creates tiered storage environment
  • Migrates, moves or copies static data to archive storage
  • Agents for Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac, NetApp
  • Easy to use GUI for policy creation and simulation
  • Monitoring and reporting tools
  • Creates disaster recovery copies of all data or subsets of data


  • Optimizes use of primary storage
  • Reduces backup by moving static data to archive
  • Enables the use of lower cost storage
  • Enables the use of greener technologies
  • Reduces administrative and maintenance costs
  • Provides secure data preservation
  • Creates a foundation for compliance
  • Assures transparent user access to older data without administrator intervention