QStar Network Migrator for NetApp

Policy-based Data Archiving for NetApp FAS with QStar Network Migrator

Easily move infrequently accessed files from costly NetApp FAS (Filers) into secure, lower cost storage.

To protect increasingly large amounts of data, organizations with NetApp Filers typically choose either (or both) NDMP (Network Data Management Protocol) backup or replication to a second NetApp Filer. This makes a costly primary storage system even more expensive.

QStar Network Migrator provides an easy method to reduce the need for NDMP backup or replication, by securely archiving files that are infrequently accessed. Archived files can reside on lower-cost NAS disk, or with the addition of QStar’s Archive Manager , on tape libraries, object storage or cloud storage. Requests for files that reside in the archive are automatically passed on, as the files remain readily available.

– Optimize costly primary storage
– Reduce NDMP backup or replication
– Archive to lower cost disk
– Reduces storage costs
– File retention management
– Secure data preservation
– Transparent access to users

– Archive to tape or cloud
– Encryption and compression