QStar Software Products

QStar’s software products provide a rich set of archive and data management functionality. These products can be deployed as independent applications or can be added incrementally to an existing platform installation. Advanced functionality includes real time mirroring or replication for disaster prevention, and data lifecycle management through advanced policy-based data migration and management.

QStar solutions work to create secure archives that allow simple access to all archive data using standard interfaces and protocols across the network. QStar archive software can be installed on any server platform running Windows, UNIX, or LINUX, for seamless integration with existing network security models.

Archive Management Software

QStar Archive Manager
Active Archive Software

QStar Archive Replicator
Multi-site Hybrid Active Archive Software

Data Director
Mirrored Protection Active Archive Software

Object Storage Manager
Object-based Archive Storage Management Software


Data Management Software

Network Migrator
Policy-based Tiered Storage Automated Life-cycle Management


QStar products can be used to create a 3-2-1 Archive

The 3-2-1 Archiving and Data Protection Best Practice advocates that a minimum of 3 copies of all business critical data be retained, these copies should be kept on 2 different types of storage media, and at least one copy should be offsite on removable media.  For more information visit:  QStar 3-2-1 Archiving and Data Protection Best Practice


QStar is a founding member of the Active Archive Alliance

A collaborative industry alliance formed to educate end user organizations on the evolving new technologies that enable reliable, online and efficient access to their archived data. For more about the how QStar products are used to create an Active Archive visit:  http://www.qstar.com/solutions/business-need/active-archive/