QStar offers a wide range of data management and archiving software solutions that allow organizations to tailor a cost-effective archive that precisely fits their individual requirements.  QStar products are a key element to building an Active Archive.


QStar’s software products provide a rich set of data and archive management functionality. These products can be deployed as independent applications or can be added incrementally to an existing platform installation. Advanced functionality includes real time mirroring or replication for archive disaster protection, retention management to meet internal compliance and regulatory obligations, and data lifecycle management through advanced policy-based data migration and management.

What makes QStar different is our long term technology and support philosophy – something we feel is essential when preserving data for the future. QStar’s flexible Active Archive software is designed to optimize storage resources for the needs of a digital archive. Every aspect of a QStar archive solution has been calculated to help companies maintain cost effective data retention and seamless access to data for years or decades using a proven strategy that delivers data security and record authenticity.

Compatible with all leading archive storage providers of Tape, Optical, RDX, RAID, Object Storage or Cloud Storage, QStar archive management software is designed to allow our customers to choose the archive storage technology that best suits their individual organizational needs when designing or expanding their archives.

Our customers don’t need to fit their requirements into a ‘one size fits all’ appliance, our software can be installed on user’s choice of server using a range of operating systems to integrate with the users chosen network security model. (support for Windows, Linux, UNIX and Mac)  This gives our customers the flexibility to purchase higher or lower specification systems to best fit their individual requirements for performance and cost. In addition, they have the freedom to upgrade their server or operating system whenever they feel it is most prudent.


Archive Management Software

QStar Archive Manager
Active Archive Software

QStar Archive Replicator
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Data Director
Mirrored Protection Active Archive Software

Object Storage Manager
Object-based Archive Storage Management Software


Data Management Software

Network Migrator
Policy-based Tiered Storage Automated Life-cycle Management

Archive Appliances

Enterprise Network Attached Archive Appliance

SntrySTR Xpress
SMB Network Attached Archive Appliance


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