LTFS Volume Spanning Software for Tape Libraries

To date most users of LTFS have been in the media and entertainment industry because of their media aware applications (DAM and MAM). All other applications need to write data to a single network share. By implementing QStar Archive Manager or QStar Archive Replicator software which includes LTFS volume-spanning for tape libraries, all archiving applications are able to benefit from the new industry standard tape file system in their environments.

QStar software can be installed on the customer’s choice of server, supporting Windows, Linux, or Mac operating systems, providing seamless integration into existing network security environments, such as Windows Active Directory.

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QStar LTFS Volume Spanning for Tape Libraries
QStar LTFS Volume Spanning for Tape Libraries (A4 format)

What is Linear Tape File System (LTFS)?

This is an open-source linear tape file system for stand-alone tape drives created by IBM. It allows the interchange of data stored on tape media between different applications and operating systems.

Not only is tape not dead, but tape now has new life breathed into it by QStar with its ability to use volume-spanning to extend the usefulness of LTFS. QStar’s LTFS volume-spanning creates highly scalable active archiving systems that empower enterprises to effectively reap the large cost benefits for using tape as part of very large archiving solutions.

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What is LTFS volume spanning for tape libraries?

QStar Archive Manager and Archive Replicator software allows small, medium and large tape libraries to easily use LTFS within any archiving environment and application. Users can see an ever growing archive consisting of tens, hundreds or thousands of pieces of tape media, as a single network share. This improves upon traditional LTFS solutions which typically create a network share for each piece of media.

LTFS spanning automatically adds new media to an existing set of media as the previous media becomes full. This approach eliminates the constant stopping and manual reconfiguration required by standard LTFS methodologies as a tape reaches capacity.

Tape libraries for archiving

Tape libraries are one of the most cost effective storage technologies for archiving, as large libraries (50TB to petabytes) consume the smallest amount of electricity per TB when compared to other archive technology.

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