//QStar supports HIT NETZON Blu-ray libraries

QStar supports HIT NETZON Blu-ray libraries

Mary Esther, Florida  —August 23, 2010—QStar Technologies, Inc., a global leader in enterprise class archive, data management and disaster prevention software and solutions announced today support for the HIT NETZON range of Blu-ray libraries.

The HIT NETZON HMS Series Blu-ray libraries are especially designed for secure and cost efficient long-term archiving of critical digital data utilizing industry
standard components. The optical disc storage media can be used for nearline or offline storage utilizing the HIT optical libraries and the file system controlled offline rack systems. HIT libraries are now shipping with the high performance Pioneer Blu-ray drives (BDR205), the world’s first 12x BD-R drive supporting  single (25GB) and dual layer (50GB) BD media.  The HIT libraries utilize standard drives which provide customers with easy and cost efficient upgrades as newer, higher capacity drives become available in the future.

QStar’s HSM, Data Director and SntrySTR products offer a wide range of data migration and archiving solutions that allow organizations to create cost-effective archives that precisely fit their individual requirements. Specifically designed for mixed system and data types, QStar supports the entire enterprise, including servers and clients using Windows, Linux, UNIX and Mac. The product suite allows for storage and retrieval to RAID, tape, optical and CAS solutions, in any combination, situated locally or, for disaster prevention purposes, remotely.

By using the QStar platform with the HIT Blu-ray libraries, customers can create a 3-2-1 Archive, which is beneficial to all industries including healthcare, broadcast, government, financial and manufacturing. Endorsed by leading industry analysts, the 3-2-1 Archiving and Data Protection Best Practices provides a proven framework that calls for 3 copies of all critical data, archived on 2 different storage technologies, with 1 copy offsite on removable media.  This multi-tier archive approach offers highly reliable physical system resilience by managing valuable data on multiple storage technologies across multiple locations. At the same time, the 3-2-1 approach allows organizations to optimize expensive storage resources, while retaining archive data in a very flexible and cost effective environment.

“With the imminent advances in Blu-ray capacity, to 100GB or 128GB with BDXL, it is timely that QStar are now able to support the whole range of HIT Libraries and features across all QStar’s supported operating systems; Windows, Linux, UNIX and Mac. ” said Dave Thomson, Sr VP Sales and Marketing, QStar Technologies.

QStar and HIT work exclusively through a highly skilled reseller channel who provide archiving consultancy on a variety of archiving projects. Together, we are supplying solutions into a wide variety of archiving markets. Healthcare institutions are archiving patient images and records through PACS or vendor-neutral PACS archives. Law Enforcement agencies are creating archives for forensics, video and voice recordings and document management. Broadcast organizations create long-term stores for video production, post production and broadcast archives. Military and Government bodies store satellite images, component and service records for airplanes, ships and weapon systems.

“The seamless integration of HIT archive and NAS devices with the QStar product portfolio is a logical step based on market requirements. The QStar storage management software extends the HIT product usage to virtually all operating systems and a wide range of storage management technologies giving our channel partners the much needed solutions in the secure data storage and archive market. ” said Horst Schellong, President, HIT Archive Corporation.

About HIT Archive Corporation
HIT is the manufacturer of storage devices based on Blu-ray technology with the focus on long term, secure data storage. HIT optical libraries are utilizing industry standard components; most important the Blu-ray technology, the standard UDF file system, media available from multiple manufacturers and standard Blu-ray drives. HIT libraries offer an integrated solution for highly scalable online and offline data storage. HIT products are available worldwide through HIT channel partners. www.hit-storage.com

About QStar Technologies
QStar Technologies is a leading provider of enterprise class archive, data management and disaster prevention software and solutions.  QStar’s storage solutions offer a complete archive and data management platform that is operating system and storage hardware independent, including RAID, CAS, tape or
optical.  Established in 1987, the world’s leading companies rely on QStar for the secure, cost effective and reliable storage protection of their valuable digital
assets.  www.qstar.com


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