//Plasmon Diamond File System Replacement

Plasmon Diamond File System Replacement

Plasmon discontinued Diamond Software as of July 31, 2007. To further complicate issues, they recently announced the discontinuation of business operations. While the end of life notification included all Diamond models and previous software releases, there is a support path for current Plasmon customers. QStar will endeavor to support existing customers through the migration of QStar HSM from Diamond. Diamond support for Windows updates and new storage technologies will not be provided including Windows Vista and UDO 2 except through QStar HSM.

For existing, and new customer who want a directly attached UDO library, the only solution certified or recommended by Plasmon is QStar HSM software as it is the sole certified alternative solution. Plasmon and QStar have worked exclusively together to provide read support for Plasmon’s optical file-systems to simplify migration from Diamond to QStar HSM software. QStar is offering an upgrade program to further assist with support and migration of existing customer’s installation.

Per the Plasmon discontinuation announcement for Diamond, “Plasmon is not liable for any damage or data loss through using any other uncertified product that could be available in the market.”

Please contact your QStar (www.qstar.com) representative for more details.

Diamond End of Life FAQ
When did Diamond go End of Life?
July 31, 2007.

How long can I get support for my existing installation?
Plasmon announced support for 5 years, which is until 31st July 2012, however, Plasmon has recently discontinued business operations and as a result QStar is the only means of support going forward. QStar have worked together to enable QStar HSM to read all Plamson’s file systems. This prevents the need for a data migration.

Can I purchase Diamond after this date?
No, Plasmon discontinued business operations.

What are my upgrade options?
Existing customers should purchase an upgrade to QStar HSM. Plasmon and QStar have worked together to enable QStar HSM to read all Plamson’s file systems. This prevents the need for a data migration.

Does QStar HSM support Diamond file systems?
Yes, HSM provides read support for PFS, AFS and UDF.

Does Diamond support Windows Vista?
No, if you need Windows Vista support you should upgrade to QStar HSM.

Does Diamond support 60GB, UDO2?
No, if you need UDO 2 support you should upgrade to QStar HSM.

Does QStar provide support for Windows 2000?
Yes, however, Microsoft no longer supports Windows 2000 so it is not possible for QStar to provide full support. We will endeavor to provide support if possible.

When is the next planned maintenance release?
There is no planned maintenance releases or patches for Diamond.

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