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QStar’s CD/DVD Master Adds Functionality & Options

December 1, 2006 – Processor Magazine- Products, News & Information Data Centerss Can Trust

The new version of QStar’s CD/DVD Master addresses the need to manage large pools of data by creating a tiered storage structure that uses CD and DVD media in addition to existing storage systems already in place.

QStar CD/DVD Master is now available in three versions. Organizations can purchase the entry-level version, Master-1, and upgrade to Master-2 and Master-3 as their needs dictate. Master-1 includes the ability to manage up to 940GB of storage using current DVD technology. The system creates either ISO 9660- or UDF-formatted disks and includes sophisticated jukebox management tools. QStar believes this configuration is ideal for small to medium-sized enterprises that have to manage large numbers of discs.

When it is necessary to support additional capacity, CD/DVD Master can be upgraded to the Master-2 version, which includes additional capabilities including media spanning, which allows the creation of file sets larger than a single media. The most advanced version, Master-3, adds an additional level of data security by creating a pre-image of the disc media on a hard drive prior to creating the removable media. Once the pre-image reaches the proper size, it is written to disk. This pre-imaging process allows Master-3 to automatically verify that the disc has been created successfully. If the validation test fails, a new disk is automatically created from the pre-image, insuring that all archives are viable.

Alan Johnson, technical manager with IKON Office Solutions’ Advanced Solutions Group (www.ikon.com), has been using QStar’s software since early 2004. The company processes millions of images for the legal and commercial markets and handles up to 100 CDs or DVDs each day. “Before we started using QStar, we couldn’t realistically keep up with the influx of disks every day. It was a manual process of handling each disk, extracting the content, then assembling the files and burning them to another disk.”

QStar CD/DVD Master has automated much of the process to the point that the operators can simply specify the number of copies and the type of media to burn them to, eliminating most of the keystrokes and clicks required before.

One competitor to QStar’s CD/DVD Master is K-Par Archimedia (www.k-par.com), which offers a unified view of connected file systems and indexes their contents. Another competitor is Point Jukebox Manager (www.pointsoft.de), which offers CD and DVD archiving capabilities.

by Scott Koegler

QStar CD/DVD Master

Master-1: $2,250

Offers small to midsized enterprises scalable storage solutions in three levels of functionality

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