//DISC-Group and QStar Exhibit Blu-ray-based Archive Solutions at Storage Expo 2006

DISC-Group and QStar Exhibit Blu-ray-based Archive Solutions at Storage Expo 2006

DISC Group Blu-ray disc libraries integrated with QStar policy-based tiered storage solution to provide an automated archive solution

October 18, 2006, Storage Expo, London, England 

DISC-Group and QStar Technologies demonstrate an automated archive solution supporting Blu-ray disc technology.  The DISC Series for Blu-ray and QStar’s Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) software provides an archive solution of up to 35-TB of networked archive storage. The combined solution offers the benefits of automated data movement between two tiers of storage with archive migration between network-attached hard disk and a Blu-ray disc archive library.

The solution provides IT professionals with an automated, tiered storage solution that can be deployed as a software based tier one storage solution with automated archiving focused at smaller firms or the remote office of a larger enterprise.  Also, integrated with QStar SntryStr™, an archive storage appliance integrated with QStar data management software, the solution can be deployed as a Tier Two (NAS) and Tier Three (Blu-ray) archiving solution for the enterprise.

Studies have shown that in many organizations, over half of the files residing on expensive primary storage may be candidates for movement to lower cost tier two or even tier three archives.  Blu-ray disc provides an excellent medium for archive due to its rotational properties.  Blu-ray disc media comes in either 25 or 50 GB per platter and has a roadmap for 100 GB and 200 GB capacities over the next several years. Media are single side with single or multiple recording layers of 25GB capacity. WORM (BD-R) and Rewriteable (BD-Re) media are sector based with extensive defect management and highly efficient error correction. Blu-ray is 120mm bare media with a hard coat surface for long term data preservation.

Blu-ray drives are read/write compatible with CD/DVD media making it ideal for companies who have legacy DVDs and would like an upgrade path from red laser storage technologies. Technology standardization is supported through all major drive and media manufacturers and QStar supports the UDF file system as well.   Blu-ray read/write transfer rates are 9MB/s in the first generation with a roadmap for 18MB/s and 36MB/s.

The Blu-ray drive technology has been fully integrated into the DISC library line which includes the DISC1000 with up to 5.2 TBs, the DISC 3000 with up to 13.5 TBs, the DISC 4000 with up to 20 TBs and the DISC 7000 with up to 34.5 TBs of near line archive storage. All devices are available with multiple drive options for redundancy and Intelligent SmartPack™ Technology which provides for fast import and export of bulk media.

Solutions start at $22,340 including storage management software with 2.25 TB’s of managed archive data. The joint products are available through a network of distributors and integrators and are available today worldwide.

About Disc Group
DISC Group’s, headquartered in Bingen, Germany, objective is to manufacture and supply competitively priced, best in class optical storage solutions that ensure permanent, secure, tamper proof, timely and unobtrusive on-line random access archives.  DISC has 50 years experience in construction of reliable robotics and has a worldwide installed base in all archive markets, e.g. Medical, Industry, Banking, Video, Broadcasting, Law enforcement and Insurance.  For more information on DISC, please visit the company’s website at http://www.disc-gmbh.com.

About QStar Technologies
QStar Technologies is a leading storage management software company that provides sophisticated, large-scale client/server archive and data protection solutions for UNIX, Linux, and Windows operating systems. QStar provides tiered based storage solutions that allow every level of the corporation to organize and manage data storage resources of even the most heterogeneous networks. The world’s leading companies increasingly rely on QStar for the secure, cost effective and reliable storage of their critical data. QStar software supports a wide range of hardware platforms and storage devices, incorporating new technology, as it becomes available.   The company’s corporate headquarter is located at 2175 West Hwy 98, Mary Esther, Florida 32569 (850) 243-0900 fax: (850) 243-4234, Web Site: www.QStar.com, with further sales and development offices in Europe.

Information regarding products, services and offerings may be superseded by subsequent documents. For the latest information and specifications regarding QStar Technologies, Inc. and any of its offerings or services, please contact your local sales office or the Corporate Headquarters.

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