//QStar Technologies Inc. Announces a Scalable version of its DVD Management Software QStar Master to Meet the Archive Management Needs of Small and Medium Size Business.

QStar Technologies Inc. Announces a Scalable version of its DVD Management Software QStar Master to Meet the Archive Management Needs of Small and Medium Size Business.

Mary Esther, FL. – October 16, 2006 

QStar Technologies, Inc., a global leader in compliance, archiving and data protection solutions, today announces the availability of QStar CD/DVD Master in  a scalable feature rich offering designed to address the archive and regulatory needs of small and medium businesses required to meet industry compliance.  Master is an extremely cost effective archive solution that enables businesses to manage large pools of data through a seamless tiered storage management structure, supporting CD and DVD library management.

QStar CD/DVD Master is designed to use high-speed storage devices, such as disk arrays, as a cache and move data automatically to less expensive, slower, removable CD and DVD drives.  For more than 20 years, DVD-R has been widely used in small and medium businesses for archive applications as well as in the video and medical archive markets.

QStar CD/DVD Master is a feature rich storage management product where the functionality is now sold in three levels. Master-1 combines the ability to create and manage CD’s and DVD in either ISO 9660 or UDF formats with sophisticated jukebox management tools. This is the ideal configuration for the small to medium business unit having to manage large numbers of discs.   This powerful archive management solution comes at a very attractive price point, starting at a list price of only $2,250 for up to 940 GB of managed storage with today’s latest DVD technology.

Functionality may then be added with Master-2 which includes media spanning capabilities, allowing the user to create file sets larger than a single piece of media, while still maintaining a non-proprietary UDF format. Master-3 continues the functionality advancement by allowing customers to ensure all data is securely written with QStar’s DVD Image Proxy writing feature.  With Image Proxy, QStar provides a means to create a virtual UDF image on hard disk the same size as the DVD archive media surface.  This is done prior to writing the image to the actual DVD media.  When the Proxy image becomes full, the information is then written to the actual archive media, where the write can be verified.  Once complete and verified, the DVD-R image then replaces the proxy image in the system and the Proxy image disk space is recycled for a new archive media surface.  If for some reason the DVD-R image is not successfully written to the media, then a new DVD is automatically created from the proxy image.  In this way, Master-3 can write and verify every DVD image created ensuring maximum data protection.

All versions of QStar CD/DVD Master are available in 16 operating system options, including Windows NT, XP, 2000 and 2003, Solaris 9 and 10, HP-UX, AIX, RedHat, Debian, Fedora, Mandrake, Gentoo, as well as a number of legacy operating systems.

About QStar Technologies
QStar Technologies is a leading storage management software company that provides sophisticated, large-scale client/server archive and data protection solutions for UNIX, Linux, and Windows operating systems. QStar provides tiered based storage solutions that allow every level of the corporation to organize and manage data storage resources of even the most heterogeneous networks. The world’s leading companies increasingly rely on QStar for the secure, cost effective and reliable storage of their critical data. QStar software supports a wide range of hardware platforms and storage devices, incorporating new technology, as it becomes available. The company’s corporate headquarter is located at 2175 West Hwy 98, Mary Esther, Florida 32569 (850) 243-0900 fax: (850) 243-4234, Web Site: www.QStar.com, with further sales and development offices in Europe.

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The scalable version of QStar CD/DVD Master will be available in the QStar reseller network beginning November 8th, 2006.  If you have any questions regarding QStar CD/DVD Master or any other QStar product, please contact QStar sales at sales@qstar.com or 850-243-0900.

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