//ABREVITY, Breece Hill and QStar Announce First Automated Tiered Storage Appliance

ABREVITY, Breece Hill and QStar Announce First Automated Tiered Storage Appliance

ATS Appliance is the first to Integrate disk and Tape Storage with Data Classification and HSM Software to provide a complete ILM solution

September 27, 2006
Storage Decisions, New York, NY, ABREVITY, Breece Hill and QStar Technologies today announced the first automated tiered storage (ATS) appliance.  The ATS integrates ABREVITY’s FileData Classifier™ software,  QStar’s Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) software and Breece Hill’s iStoRA appliance that includes 3.2 terabytes (TBs) of network attached storage (NAS) and a 10-cartridge LTO3 tape autoloader.  The combined solution offers the benefits of content-aware data classification, automated data movement with HSM file stubbing and genealogy tracking, disk to disk NAS and archive tape all in a single box.

“All of the storage industry surveys show that Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) powered by the need for Data Classification is the primary budget priority for enterprises of every size this year,” says Eric Madison, ABREVITY’s director of marketing, “but no integrated solution has been available until now.  The ATS Appliance provides IT professionals with an automated, tiered storage solution that can be deployed in one of two scenarios.  First, as a Tier One storage solution with automated classification and archiving focused at smaller firms or the remote office of a larger enterprise.  Second, the ATS can be deployed as a Tier Two (NAS) and Tier Three (tape) classification and archiving solution for the enterprise.”

Experts agree that, in most organizations, over 50% of the files residing on expensive primary storage may be candidates for movement to lower cost tier two or even tier three archives.  Going far beyond basic data classification solutions that only classify on file system metadata—such as file dates and types—the Automated Tiered Storage Appliance is the first to offer granular file path metadata and in-file content extraction coupled with custom file tagging for classification.  It is also the first to offer multi-tier file tracking coupled with file movement from primary storage to both network attached secondary storage and archive tape, as well as heterogeneous file stubbing.

“What’s really groundbreaking about the ATS,” says Jim Wheeler, director of marketing for Qstar Technologies, “is that a shortcut is left on both primary and secondary storage for files moved to tape in the unit.  Users can simple click on that shortcut and the software will load the proper tape and retrieve that file.  Integrating the QStar HSM software with ABREVITY’s FileData Classifier into the Breece Hill iStoRA allows this unique feature.”

Users can also search for files using the ABREVITY FileData Classifier software and set up scheduled automated policies for system scanning, metadata extraction, file tagging, de-duplication, report creation and file movement.  The ATS ships with a dual Xeon® processor, 3.2 TBs of RAID 5 disk, Windows 2003 Server (NAS) and an LTO3 tape drive with a 10-cartridge autoloader.  Integrated is ABREVITY’s v2.7 FileData Classifier and QStar’s HSM software with single console operation.   Starting at $49,875, the integrated ATS appliance is available through Atria Data Systems and other select solution providers.

“The combined features of Abrevity and QStar strengthen the management capabilities of tiered, end-to-end data storage,” says Tony Mercado, Director at Breece Hill.  “Breece Hill’s iStoRA appliance provides the ideal platform for this integrated ILM solution. By migrating data from primary to secondary storage, automatically within the same enclosure, we can further reduce the administrative costs and media outlays that have been prohibitive with other ILM solutions. In addition, companies get the best in application performance and data availability.”

“The days of simply purchasing more storage as data expands are gone forever,” said Heidi Biggar, Senior Technical Editor, Enterprise Strategy Group.  “A tiered-storage approach is being mandated by most organizations in order to achieve rational ILM. However, because of the complexities involved, most enterprises are struggling with the logistics of implementing a comprehensive ILM strategy.  The introduction of an appliance, such as the ATS, addresses the problem in a very manageable and rational way.”

About Abrevity
ABREVITY is Silicon Valley’s leading innovator of Information Value Management™ software technology.  ABREVITY has designed a new data model that offers orders of magnitude better scalability, flexibility, visibility and affordability than solutions debilitated by traditional search or relational database technologies.  Selected as one of six top storage companies to watch in 2006 by Network World, ABREVITY has delivered Information Discovery, Classification and Management solutions to small businesses, Fortune 500 customers and leading OEMs.

About Breece Hill
Breece Hill (www.breecehill.com), a leader in data protection solutions for small to medium-size businesses and workgroups, provides integrated data protection solutions covering a wide variety of customer requirements. Breece Hill helps small and medium-sized companies implement an effective data protection strategy – designed for businesses that don’t have large staffs and huge budgets. The company’s versatile, high quality solutions help small and medium businesses overcome their ever-growing storage challenges. Since 1993 more than 25,000 units have been shipped worldwide. Breece Hill distributes its solutions through a combination of distributors, Value Added Resellers/solution providers and OEM alliance partners.

About QStar Technologies
QStar Technologies is a leading storage management software company that provides sophisticated, large-scale client/server archive and data protection solutions for UNIX, Linux, and Windows operating systems. QStar provides tiered based storage solutions that allow every level of the corporation to organize and manage data storage resources of even the most heterogeneous networks. The world’s leading companies increasingly rely on QStar for the secure, cost effective and reliable storage of their critical data. QStar software supports a wide range of hardware platforms and storage devices, incorporating new technology, as it becomes available.   The company’s corporate headquarter is located at 2175 West Hwy 98, Mary Esther, Florida 32569 (850) 243-0900 fax: (850) 243-4234, Web Site: www.QStar.com, with further sales and development offices in Europe.

Information regarding products, services and offerings may be superseded by subsequent documents. For the latest information and specifications regarding QStar Technologies, Inc. and any of its offerings or services, please contact your local sales office or the Corporate Headquarters.

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