//QStar Technologies, Inc. Enhances the DVD Archive Process with Simulated Proxy Jukebox™.

QStar Technologies, Inc. Enhances the DVD Archive Process with Simulated Proxy Jukebox™.

Mary Esther, Florida – February 13, 2006

QStar Technologies, Inc., a global leader in compliance, archiving and data protection solutions today, announces Simulated Proxy Jukebox,  a higher level of write verification for DVD-R authoring.  Simulated Proxy Jukebox is a new write procedure available with the QStar HSM, and Master products for use with the UDF file format.

QStar has increased the reliability and functionality of DVD-R media by adding Simulated Proxy Jukebox for use with QStar’s UDF spanning file system capability.  In an effort to overcome write recovery issues inherent with DVD-R media, QStar has implemented Simulated Proxy Jukebox.  The Simulated Proxy Jukebox is configured on a hard drive system and contains the Proxy media.  These media are virtual DVD-R media surfaces. With the combination of Simulated DVD-R Proxy media and real DVD-R media in the same Integral Volume set QStar provides the ability to archive the data first into the Simulated Proxy DVD-R media, prior to writing it on to actual DVD-R media.   When the DVD-R Proxy media surface becomes full, a new DVD-R Proxy media will be added to the Integral Volume set to proceed with the archiving. In the mean time a process will start to copy the first Proxy DVD-R media to real DVD-R media.  As an optional security feature the archive data can be verified once written, comparing the Proxy DVD-R media with the real DVD-R.  If for any reason the DVD-R media is not written successfully, then a new DVD-R media surface is automatically selected and the Proxy DVD-R media is rewritten to the new DVD-R media surface.  Upon verification, the real DVD-R media will then transparently replace the Proxy media In the Integral Volume set and the Proxy DVD-R media will be recycled for a new archive media surface.  In this way, QStar can write and verify every DVD-R created and insure there is no data loss during the DVD-R writing process.

An additional benefit is archive write speed.  Now QStar customers can archive with DVD-R at near hard drive speeds.  Since archive data will first be written to the Simulated Proxy Jukebox, comprised of hard drive storage, the write speeds are that of the hard drive system being used.  In the background the data will be safely stored on low cost, long term DVD-R media using the UDF file system.

QStar Simulated Proxy Jukebox is supported in QStar software version 4.20.80 and available immediately.  For more information on QStar products or to contact a reseller, please go to our website at www.qstar.com or call us at 850.243.0900.

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