//QStar Technologies, Inc. Adds Support for Nexsan's Assureon Secure Storage Appliance

QStar Technologies, Inc. Adds Support for Nexsan's Assureon Secure Storage Appliance

Mary Esther, Florida – January 23, 2006

QStar Technologies, Inc a global leader in compliance, archiving and data protection solutions today announces that Nexsan’s Assureon™ appliance has been certified for use with QStar™ data protection and archive management software to enhance its Information Lifecycle Management Solution (ILM) portfolio of support for  archive and compliance applications.

Nexsan Technologies, the pioneer of disk-based backup and Enterprise ATA/SATA storage technology recently launched Assureon™, the first secure storage appliance.  Assureon is a complete information management solution that combines advanced encryption with content addressed storage, ILM technology and other patent-pending security features into a single, fully integrated disk-based system.

In the United States alone there are thousands of federal, state and industry regulatory rules that need to be met for digital record retention. Corporations and government agencies are able to comply with a variety of government regulations and corporate governance rules for record retention using the Assureon solution.   With the qualification of QStar software, users can now manage migration policies through the Assureon solution to all types of storage , including disk,tape and optical library solutions.  Assureon and QStar software also provide support for WORM disk, tape and optical solutions.  In addition the combined solution provides a secure means to provide secure backup and data replication for disaster prevention by active data mirroring and data encryption of secondary storage between a combination of Assureon appliance and secondary storage technology such as tape and optical.

“The combined solution provides exceptional compliance capabilities to facilitate in the best practices of storage management”, said Riccardo Finotti President of QStar Technologies Inc. “Assureon’s functionality allows QStar customers a means to generate and enforce data retention policies with secure user accessibility.  In addition the solution adds the means to delete access to information stored on or off line, once the retention policy has been meet.  This kind of unique functionality is key to meeting regulatory requirements and best business practices in data retention.  We are very pleased to have Nexsan on the team of QStar supported vendors.”

Assureon manages fixed content or reference data through a data classification process.  In this way Assureon applies or generates the appropriate retention policies necessary to meet or exceed corporate or government regulations.  The solution also controls access to data based on user defined security access information.  In order to ensure that storage devices on the network are fully utilized, Assureon uses content-addressable storage technology to track all incoming data and hashes each saved asset which allows the management of redundant copies, a process known as single instant store.  The combined solution uses encryption to protect data integrity and mirroring to eliminate any productivity downtime while data is managed through out the lifecycle.  QStar provides a vast array of connectivity to archive devices to ensure the long-term retention of the data as required.   Once the life of the data has expired the solution manages the disposal of information from the system, completely, including disposal of data stored in WORM devices.

“Assureon transforms existing and new storage into ILM-compliant tiered archival storage”, said Diamond Lauffin, Senior Executive Vice President of Nexsan.  “The solution is designed to meet the most demanding regulatory requirements.   Within integration of the QStar storage management software it stores information on the most appropriate and cost effective storage infrastructure, utilizing a combination of secure, tiered Disk and optical and tape storage.  This provides a highly cost effective and flexible means to leverage existing storage infrastructure with the ability to expand to next generation storage hardware as it becomes available”.

This combined solution is currently available through select resellers.  More product information is available at www.qstar.com or at www.nexsan.com. Please contact us for reseller information at 800.568.2578 or email us at info@qstar.com.

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