Government laws and regulations to ensure the protection of data have increasingly played a larger part in the archiving industry.  Twenty years ago most organizations archived because they wanted to, now many more archive because they have to.  Regulations specify the type of storage that must be used, securely storing data in a read-only format, and the length of time that data must be preserved.

Best practice to meet corporate governance or compliance, internal mandates or project life limitations, recommends that files should be given a finite life by the organization that created them.  As a result, the ability to securely retain files for a pre-set time (often 5 to 7 years) has become an important concern for many organizations.  Equally, the secure deletion of files at the end of that time must be managed.

QStar Archive Manager software supports all leading manufacturers of WORM (write once read many) technology and, for those technologies that are inherently rewritable, QStar software offers a robust retention management feature.

This feature ensures that valuable archived data is managed and protected efficiently. Retention management securely retains files in a read-only format, within the archive, for a pre-determined period of time.  Once that period elapses, files can be automatically purged and media can be re-used for new archive content.  Multiple retention periods can be created to support different data sets to meet varying business needs.  In addition, a ‘Legal Hold’ feature can be set, which prevents files from being deleted after a discovery or court order has been issued.

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