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QStar’s storage expertise provides a unique and powerful architecture for the archival storage and publication of medial images for PACS environments. QStar Healthcare is focused on bringing enterprise class storage and image management to hospitals and clinics worldwide.


ProductsApplicationSupported Hardware
SntryDICOMVendor Independent ArchiveDisk, Tape, Optical, Object Storage, Cloud, RDX
DICOM PublisherMedical Image PublicationAll leading optical publication /duplication system


SntryDICOM is a vendor Independent PACS archive solution that uses the DICOM standard to write images and study information from any modality to a storage technology neutral archive. SntryDICOM allows multiple PACS from different vendors to consolidate and share the same DICOM archive, dramatically reducing administration and capital expense.

SntryDICOM Data Sheet

DICOM Publisher

QStar DICOM Publisher is a versatile media publisher that produces professional quality CDs/DVDs from anywhere within the facility or for distribution directly to patients. Designed with advanced encryption and password controlled access feature to protect sensitive medical images, DICOM Publisher meets the needs of small clinics and imaging centers or high volume hospital environments.

Dicom Publisher Data Sheet


QStar Healthcare PACS solutions are also compatible with other industry leading diagnostic viewers, providing hospitals with the flexibility to choose the most appropriate workstation for their specialties.