QStar Archive Replicator

QStar Archive Replicator software virtualizes up to four multi-vendor heterogeneous archive storage technologies and presents them through a platform specific drive share or mount point.  The software can support a mix of optimized proprietary and/or industry standard file systems, such as LTFS and UDF. These archives can be located within a single site or across multiple geographic locations.

This solution gives our customers maximum choice of archive storage technologies and prevents vendor lock-in. By blending archive technologies, customers can create an archive copy of all critical data on performance storage and a second copy on secure storage. Optionally, a disaster recovery copy can be stored offsite.

QStar’s Archive Replicator can be added in front of an existing supported archive, allowing data to be replicated to a secondary archive store (for example to tape), located locally or remotely, without disruption to the existing archive. In the event of a replica failure, the Archive Replicator tools provide re-synchronization options, to ensure data is always available.

Adding or updating storage is seamless. Once added, it is automatically replicated without the need for migratory software and is immediately accessible.

QStar Archive Replicator is easily scalable up to the most demanding enterprise environments using any archive storage technology; Tape, Optical, RDX, Disk, Object Storage, Cloud.  The software can be installed on any server platform running Windows, UNIX, or LINUX, for seamless integration with existing network security models.

3-2-1 Archiving and Data Protection Best Practice

Archive Replicator is a key element to create a 3-2-1 archive strategy that best suits your business needs. 3-2-1 Archiving and Data Protection Best Practice is an independent framework that provides a strong and practical foundation to build a resilient archive strategy. Endorsed by leading storage analysts, the 3-2-1 Best Practice recommends that a professional archive retain 3 copies of all critical data, these copies should be archived on 2 different storage technologies, with 1 copy offsite. More about 3-2-1

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