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On a budget, organizations need to determine the best solutions to handle growing enterprise data capacity, reduce backup, and plan disaster prevention strategies to protect valuable digital assets, while still maintaining easy access to archived files.

An impossible task? Not if you are using QStar…

QStar Technologies offers a range of data management and archive software solutions that allow organizations to tailor a cost-effective hybrid archive that precisely fits their individual requirements.

QStar archive software creates an ‘Active Archive’ by virtualizing one or more archive technologies (tape, optical, object storage, RAID, RDX, or cloud storage) behind a file system which can be shared out using standard Windows or Linux file sharing protocols (CIFS / NFS).  Users and applications can easily save, search and retrieve data directly from the archive.

QStar’s single source code uniquely supports multiple operating systems (including: Windows, Linux or UNIX) and all major archive storage technologies. Creating scalable archives from Terabytes to Petabytes.  QStar products are a key element to building an active archive.

Active Archive Software
QStar Archive Manager

Multi-site Hybrid Active ArchiveSoftware
QStar Archive Replicator

Mirrored Disaster Protection Active Archive Software
QStar Data Director

Policy Based Tiered Storage and Migration Software
QStar Network Migrator

An Active Archive is

  • An active archive is an online file and storage system that gives users real-time access to data stored for long-term retention. Active archives can be made up of a combination of hardware and software systems available from a number of vendors. Multi-vendor active archive solutions can be designed and tailored to meet each organization’s unique needs.

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