In QStar Technologies we believe that curbing data growth, limiting storage requirements and drastically reducing maintenance costs and resources requires a radically new approach and innovative methods, a truly global vision in order to help businesses in tackling these challenges.

Software-Defined Storage

The term software-defined storage (SDS) is commonly used in the industry today. When QStar Technologies was developing the first archiving and data management storage systems software over 30 years ago, it had not yet been coined. QStar software solutions are totally independent of the underlying hardware and runs on commodity servers with Intel x86 processors and delivers massive cost savings and flexibility compared with traditional storage systems.

Archive Storage Manager® (ASM) storage virtualization manages a range of storage technologies such as Object Storage, Cloud Storage (Private and Hybrid), Tape Libraries, WORM, Disk Array and Optical Disk Libraries to form an Efficient, Safe and Cost-Effective Active Archive environment by virtualizing differing storage technologies behind a file system.

Network Migrator® (QNM) is a policy based tiered storage and data lifecycle manager. QNM software uses advanced policy management to monitor and automatically migrate, copy or move less frequently used files from primary storage to tiered storage or else to a central archive or Cloud Storage (Public, Private and Hybrid).

Disaster Prevention solutions lets you drastically reduce the cost of setting up a disaster recovery site using architecture designed to guarantee data integrity and business continuity at a fraction of the cost of conventional architecture produced for such purposes. QStar Data Director and Archive Replicator solutions can support two, three or four archive targets. 

Storage Reporter® (QSR) helps organizations make more informed decisions for storage investments and storage utilization, by executing a complete professional analysis of their storage infrastructure, profiling storage volume usage on the basis of File Access, File Size, File Type, File Owner, and Storage Utilization.

Storage System

For customers who wish to purchase a complete solution, optimized, certified, and pre-configured in the factory, a full range of QStar products is available to ensure high scalability, durability, security, and energy efficiency at a compelling lower cost. All products can be installed in a few minutes at the customer’s premises. In the vast majority of cases all that is required is a simple IP address to start.

QStar Cloud Gateway solution integrates seamlessly into existing infrastructures without changes for either the applications or users. Migrated or moved data continues to appear locally even when stored in the cloud. The simple data read/write approach is compatible with all existing applications. QStar Cloud Gateway can archive unlimited amounts of information securely and cost-effectively within any cloud – private, public or hybrid.

Today’s Cloud and Active Archive Tape-based technology provides the cheapest form of storage in terms of both capacity and running costs. 3D Flash Tape Cloud Gateway®, moves infrequently accessed data transparently from on-premise storage to the cloud and at the same time to the local Active Archive LTFS Tape Library as a NAS tier. This guarantees continuous read-write access even when a cloud connection is unavailable, without a moment’s interruption, data is always online!

The QStar Kaleidos is an S3-compliant object storage platform that enables enterprises and service providers to build reliable, private, hybrid or public cloud storage environments that deliver reliability, security and unlimited scalability. An intelligent, fully distributed architecture scales dynamically from three nodes to thousands of nodes allowing the seamless addition of nodes as capacity requirements change from Terabytes to Exabytes.

Today’s LTFS as NAS technology offers the most cost-effective long-term data archiving solution available on the market, with a TCO that can vary, depending on the capacity acquired, from 50 to 300% lower than comparable disk-based archiving systems! These are the facts, as distinct from the hype about tape peddled by disk vendors.

Data immutability can archive data in non-rewritable, non-erasable format. Using this method, recorded data can no longer be overwritten, modified or manipulated. The WORM protection process offered by QStar complies with the strictest national and international regulations covering sensitive data archiving, document management, electronic record storage and log file archiving.

Certified integration for the provision of Long-Term Archive services



Discover your stored information’s real value

Comprehend existing data, which data is useful and which is not. Migrate transparently your data to the appropriate storage tier using a combination of their attributes such as date created, modified, accessed, file owner, size, extension and much more.

Data Archiving for High Performance Computing System


QStar solutions for High Performance Computing (HPC) allow you to implement massive storage hybrid systems at very competitive costs compared to traditional storage products available today. Our HPC storage solutions can help you manage the escalating data capacities and complexities created by data-intensive applications such as simulation and modeling. Combined with the most popular HPC file systems, QStar software solutions let you maximize productivity, improve storage efficiencies, and increase ROI.

Press Release

The Active Archive Alliance today announced that QStar Technologies have joined the organization. The company join a growing number of industry-leading storage and IT vendors that together support the use of active archive solutions for data lifecycle management.

BOULDER, Colo. – January 27, 2020

“Over the last 10 years, the Active Archive Alliance has brought together the best technologies and solutions to help organizations more effectively manage and access their data over the long term,” said Peter Faulhaber, chairman of the Active Archive Alliance.
New applications such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, and machine learning are putting pressure on data storage infrastructures. Active archives provide modern strategies to solve today’s data growth challenges and are increasingly becoming an integral part of organizations’ data management road maps. An active archive leverages an intelligent data management layer and enables online access to data throughout its lifecycle regardless of which tier it resides in the storage hierarchy. Active archive file systems span all pools of storage, whether they are SSDs, HDDs, tape or cloud.
QStar Technologies’ solutions enable medium and large companies worldwide to optimize their data assets and improve security while cutting costs. “We are very pleased to rejoin the Alliance after being one of the four founding partners in 2010. We enjoy the interaction of the group, whether that be co-operative or competitive, as we are all promoting a very similar message. The Active Archive message is even more relevant today than it was 10 years ago, as data capacities grow and the purging of data decreases,” said Dave Thomson, SVP sales and marketing, QStar Technologies.

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